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Great source of information about Reiki with plenty of good articles written by many Reiki Masters/Practitioners/healees, up-dated information about what's new with/about Reiki practice, great choice of Reiki books, manuals and other Reiki tools which can be bought on-line. The International Center for Reiki Training in Michigan of William Lee Rand site.
The International Center for Reiki Training U.S.A., Michigan of William Lee Rand has announced the formation of The International Center For Reiki Training Of India along with professional Reiki membership organization in India. Classes for Reiki/Karuna Reiki are conducted there by Masters direct from the William Lee Rand's lineage.
Interesting site done by Allan J Sweeney, International Reiki Healing and Training Center from UK with good articles,
stories, news and information about different courses.
The International Association of Reiki offers wisechoices in holistic training. Some of these wisechoices are Reiki and the Eagle's Path Program with founder and director Mari Hall.
Home of Threshold Reiki and Gendai Reiki Ho by Richard (Rick) Rivard from Vancouver, Canada.
Everything you need to know about the Canadian Reiki Association can be found on that site.
Where you can find out more information about different systems of Reiki as well as about new system called Dorje Reiki by Lawton R. Smith RM
Information not only about Reiki but also about other holistic techniques such as Pranic Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Ayurverda, etc.
Very informative site with lots of great articles and stories. John and Paula Steele call their 'school' Sacred Reiki Path.
'A Reiki attunement is like a special and very sacred meditation. The purpose of a Reiki attunement is to bring us into a harmonious relationship with the Reiki energy, and to help lift the veils and filters we may be holding between our personality/ego and our God self.
A Reiki initiation is activated by a Reiki master-teacher, who has been trained in the attunement technique, and who shares the process with a person who has the spiritual desire and intention to receive an initiation attunement.
With the rapid acceptance of Reiki energy by healers around the world, we find that the strength of the energy is increasing exponentially as more people are attuned, or receiving Reiki treatments. As the strength of Reiki increases, the power of the attunement to clear and fortify our subtle bodies is intensified as well'.
This web site is dedicated to collecting, documenting and publicizing the information about medical effects of Reiki therapy. It is created for educational purposes and is intended to connect Reiki practitioners of different lineages, their patients and physicians through summarizing and providing medical information about Reiki therapy.
You can also read here more about new Distant Reiki Project called 'Reiki Hugs".




Beautiful Metta Meditation. The websites is full of videos on yoga and meditation.                                          

Amazing websites with many great lectures and articles. Lots of reading, listening and watching about different healing approaches, life, archetypes, means of pain and sufferings, personal growth
Great site of The Transcendental Meditation. The program has been validated by over 500 scientific studies at more than 200 independent research institutions in 30 countries. The TM technique requires no belief or lifestyle change, is non-religious, is not time-consuming, and can be learned by anyone regardless of age or level of education.
Great source of information and exercises for body, mind. Meditation, food as medicine, kundalini yoga, brain-longevity preprogram and much more with Dharma Singh Khalsa.
The Center for Journal Therapy is a gathering place for those who know the power of writing for growth and healing.
Studies have shown that people who express their emotions in writing improve their health outcomes, and even increase their immune function. You will find there workshops, self-development programs, tapes etc…
The NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) curriculum integrates hypnosis, imagery and suggestibility to manage most of the problems hypnotherapies experience with clients. Trainings, workshops, interesting information….
This is a beautiful, inspiring website with Angel messages that are updated regularly & a FREE MONTHLY ANGEL NEWSLETTER. Practical, insightful information- the energy of the Angels really comes through. Also w/info on Angel expert and author Christopher Dilts, individual Angel sessions, classes & meditations by phone, and workshops. Also, “Ask an Angel” a question and have it answered on Christopher’s column on!

Very interesting!! There are letters on this website written by Daniel who is in a prison to his spiritual teacher. He is writing about his spiritual growth in prison, his realizations, his new way of seeing Freedom, his clarity etc.

The website of the IARP is a leading resource for the distribution of free Reiki provider information and other Reiki-related and wellness information. The International Association of Reiki Professionals provide also liability insurance to Reiki practitioners.
A national organization has formed to work with anyone wanting to create legislation to protect our right to choose the heal modality we want without the threat of unnecessary government licensing.

Several states have passed laws exempting alternative/complementary practitioners including Reiki practitioners from the medical practice act. This is a short bill from state of California which has been passed recently.