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The Practice and Teaching of Reiki
in the Tradition of Usui
as defined by the International Association of Reiki

by Mari Hall


This document is prepared by Reiki Master Mari Hall as the founder of the International Association of Reiki for the use by students, teachers and members of the Association. This document can be copied or reprinted without the direct written permission of the author providing credit is given to Mari Hall.

"Reiki Taught in the Tradition of Usui" is the phrase that refers to the practice of Reiki as developed by Mikao Usui and passed on through a form of teaching and practice that includes initiation rites, the use of specific symbols, defined practice and recognition of a specific spiritual lineage. This is not to say that the association does not recognize other forms of teaching Reiki. Rather it is declaring its form within the various systems that are taught in world.

We have adopted the phrase "Reiki as Taught in the Tradition of Usui" as the formal title for this system as defined by the International Association of Reiki, spol sr.o.

This practice of Reiki can be referred to as a way to promote healing and harmony on many levels. It is a way of living on a spiritual path and indicates the intent of practice in a manner that allows its integration on all aspects, thus becoming a new way of living. We further state that it is a way to deepen one's spiritual harmony and does not replace one's own structured religion or philosophical beliefs.

One's integrated path with the use of Reiki, as Taught in the Tradition of Usui supports the individual's process with the following:

As one becomes reawakened, the use of self-treatment offers a new way of thinking and feeling and can thus motivate right action as it comforts and confirms that all life is a trusted process.

The individual's desires and choices guide the way of practicing Reiki.

By adopting the Five Spiritual principles as your own you may assist yourself in making clear choices which may serve as a moral tapestry.

The Master-student relationship is one of a mentor and a teacher. The Master provides the student with a very human and compassionate companion. The student also becomes the motivation for the Master to continue a journey into a deeper understanding of self and an individual relationship to the world at large.

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