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Food for your soul. Healing for your mind and body.

Meditation is an ancient discipline involves contemplation while focusing your mind on a thought or object. It is a practice which helps you to examine what is happening to yourself as a whole person. It is a way of getting to know yourself that can transform and reveal your life in a new perspective.

Meditative practices have been used by and are often an integral part of many religious traditions, such as Buddhism, Islamic Sufi Way, Judaism and even Christianity. Yet studied show you can get many benefits from practicing meditation without any religious intension whatsoever.

Meditation can help you to become a whole person, put you in harmony with the universe and inspire you to find your own creativity and inner resources. It can unlock the doors of you understanding and provide valuable insight to yourself and others.

Meditation often expands your awareness in heart and mind that will make your life richer and more fulfilled. It also promotes physical relaxation and calm. It unites mind & body.

Although meditation is a very personal experience, a meditation class may give you the motivation you need to sit still in silence for a significant length of time. Sometimes is just easer when you are around like-minded people who help you to keep your discipline as well as inspire you to stick and go deeper with your 'inner journey'. A good meditation teacher can be a great gift.

Meditation gives most benefit when done daily. That is why it is called a 'practice'. Many people meditate for 20 minutes once or twice a day, others for 45 minutes or longer. For a beginner, even 10 minutes a day will give great benefit.

Meditation is a safe, useful, low-cost therapy for many symptoms of arthritis and other related diseases such as depression, stress, pain.

Many studies have demonstrated the physical, emotional and psychological beneficial effects of meditation, which include:

Lower cholesterol levels
Lower blood pressure levels
Less heart disease
Reversal of arteriosclerosis (hardened arteries)
Reduce angina (chest pain) and chronic pain
Reduce of anxiety
Lower levels of stress hormones in the blood
Altered brain wave patterns reflective of a calmer state
Reduce depression
Increased confidence, awareness, creativity and general health
Help to resolve sleep problems

In 1983, a Detroit chemical manufacturing firm hold a meditation program for their employees. According to owner Buck Montgomary, after three years, 52 of the 100 employees at all levels were meditating 20 minutes before work and 20 minutes in the afternoon during work (they were paid for the time during work!). Productivity rose 120 %, quality control rose 240 %, injuries dropped by 70 %, sick days fell by 16 %, and profits soared 520 %!
(the last example of benefits to employee productivity is taken from 'Meditation' Joan Budilovsky and Eve Adamson)

Another study done by Richard Davidson and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is showing the benefit of meditation. Davidson has been studying brain activity in Tibetan monks for the past several years. Recently he tested activity of the brain in some volunteers from a high-tech company in Wisconsin. One group of volunteers then received eight weeks of training in meditation, while a control group did not. Each volunteer also received a flu shot.
Those who had meditated showed a pronounced shift in brain activity toward the left, 'happier', frontal cortex. They also showed a healthier immune response to the flu shot, suggesting that the training affected the body's health as well as the mind's.
'Beyond the Brain' by James Shreeve from 'National Geographic'- March 2005