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Free Distant Reiki Healing (DRH)
Project for

The main purpose of the DRH project is to share Reiki with others who cannot get direct hands-on Reiki Treatments. Reiki Practitioners while sharing DRH will "hold the intention for the health and well-being of the Person for the highest good of all concerned". A Reiki Practitioners will perform the healing for 21 days, 7 days a week, for about 15 minutes. The Receiver will be asked to lie down during that time and relax - for at least half an hour. The Receiver will also be asked to write to us about their DRH experience although this is not a requirement.

Usually during projects or studies of this nature, the Receivers are not aware of the healing. However, we would like to involve in our DRH Receivers by making them fully aware and 'work'' together towards a healthier, happier and more peaceful life. We would like to share DRH with people who will actually request the healing. The requested healing might be for any problem - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. No problem is too big or too small for DRH. The healing also might be requested for a Receiver by friends or his/her family with the Receiver being fully aware.

As a Receiver who would like to participate in this free project you need to:

1.) Agree to commit to the following:

A. Commit to about an hour every day for 21 days, 7 days a week between 9:00-9:30 p.m.
NOTE: other times may be available and the treatment may also be extended beyond the 21 day commitment upon request It's FREE of charge for any length of time and we will be very happy to be in service.

B. The treatment will be for about 15 minutes during that half an hour. You might lie or sit down in a comfortable position, in a peaceful place. You might light a candle, listen to a soft music and close your eyes to enhance your state of relaxation. Begin breathing slowly, and really be aware of yourself during that time. Listen to your body, listen to your thoughts, and listen to your soul.

C. This daily practice will also help you to develop a new habit of relaxing yourself before going to bed or during any time of the day. Take that time to give yourself one of the greatest gifts - peace and relaxation while you receive Reiki healing.

E. Although this is not required, we would love you to share with us in writing your DRH experience..

2.) Provide the following information:

* Your full name, age
* Your address (which is confidential and the Reiki Practitioner will know only the city your are in) - city, state, country
* Your picture (or picture of someone you would like us to send DRH to. However, that person needs to know about it and agrees to spend about an hour in a peaceful place while we will perform DRH Treatments) - if you can
* Two or three sentences describing your illness or pain will be helpful also,

Thank you so much for taking part in sharing Light, Peace and Well-being!

May you be blessed with Love, Light, Joy and Peace.