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Haridwar, India, 2009






Free Plastic Surgery Camp was organized 2nd time in Haridwar by Sanjeev Mehta, the Rotary Club and Mela Hospital in Haridwar.

That is what Sanjeev said about the first PSC in 2008:

 'I would be happy to share the success of my dream project I had started planning in 2003 along with Dr. Petra Berger from Germany. Fortunately, was able to organize between 3rd to 14th of March 08. Due to the busy schedule of the world renowned Plastic surgeon

9 Doctors from Germany & Italy operated upon 53 patients out of the 200 registered patients. Performing more than a 100 surgeries on them. As many of the patients needed multiple surgeries. We have planned another similar camp in Feb 2009 for the remaining registered patients. 70 % of them were unmarried girls, children & then the rest others . But, all from poor families. As per our calculations, had this been at a price, it would have costed the patients more than
Rs. 100,00,000/- @ approx US $ 2,70,000.

There was a young boy who was able to speak after 3 years, a girl always remained behind closed doors because of her face deformation. Now she was able to walk without a scarf on her face with confidence. A person who might have had a leg amputation ( suffering sine the past 2 years) was able to get his leg revived & so many such cases. In the end the smiles on all these faces ware worth the time & money spent. Have never felt so good in life for anything ever achieved before.

Pray to God, to give me & all those who came forward to help to give us the strength to continue to Help like this.'
- Sanjeev Mehta






 PSC 2009 by Ula

This year there were 8 beautiful people/doctors from Germany and one doctor from Indoor, India came to perform over 60 surgeries during 10 days.

There were many poor people who otherwise will never afford to have a surgery. Whoever came to the hospital was checked and if the doctors couldn't operate this year they put him on the list for the next year. There were very tough cases often times. The purpose of the surgery was to bring a new life, new quality to a person's life. People from the Rotary Club in Haridwar were doing simply an amazing job helping patients to feel better before and after operation.

I was honored to be part of this amazing magical work. ...just being...nothing more...nothing heart was full of joy to see that so many people will get another chance in their life. To see the smile, hope and joy in the eyes of people after the surgery was the most beautiful reward.

Children and adults but mostly girls got another chance to make this life really beautiful. Whole family gathered around, hold hands, hugged, got water, made a joke - the flow of love, support and gratefulness was amazing. There were tears - tears of pain, tears of hope, tears of joy... We all witnessed miracles every day during that camp...

The camp is planned for every year, so you are so welcome to donate your time, energy, love and light if you can and want...

If you would like to help next year please contact the person who made his dream come true and organized this camp with the help of his friends - Sanjeev Mehta
He is responsible for all this miracle work!:)

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