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I feel the connection with Divine. I release attachment, recognizing that it is the source of all suffering. I experience union with the universal consciousness and merge with the oneness of all creation. Everyone & everything, is perfect, just the way it is. I am content. 7th chakra/crown
color - while or gold
element - none
gland - pineal
self-realization, human perfection, awareness of eternal life, feeling of knowing, connection with Divine
I create my own reality. I develop my inner senses. I trust my intuition. I trust my inner guide. I am open to new ideas and spiritual concepts. My intellectual mind recognizes my intuitive perception. I develop daily my ability to see, feel, know even more that today. 6th chakra/ 3rd eye
color - violet
element - none
gland - pituitary
conscious perception, higher mind, intellect and intuition in balance, ability to see, feel, know
I am free to express my creativity with unrestricted enthusiasm and joy. I give voice to my feelings and communicate with clarity and openness. I am a unique being. My opinions are of great value, and I share them fearlessly. I am imaginative and creative in all I do 5th chakra/ throat
color - sky blue
element - ether
gland - thyroid & vocal chords
communication, ability to speak your truth, a connection to outside world, creativity, expressing yourself
I am motivated by selflessness. I feel love and compassion for myself & other beings. I love people and people love me. I have the willingness to transform pain and suffering in others with the knowledge that, as I do, I transform pain and suffering within me. I have the courage to love unconditionally - myself and others. 4th chakra/ heart
color - green or pink
element - air
gland - thymus & physical heart
unconditional love for yourself & others, compassion, healing, warmth, ability to transform energies with love
I am at peace with myself and my surroundings. I freely express my identity. I see the differences in others as unique expression that contribute more color and frequency to the world. I am full of joy. I am enjoying myself and my life. I wake up every morning with a joy and amazement for another day. 3rd chakra/ solar plexus
color - yellow
element - fire
gland - spleen, liver, gall bladder & pancreas
power, control, identity, empathy, relationship, activity, ability to accept others
I am a wonderful being. I feel worthy to have joyful and happy life. I express my sexuality fully and freely in all I do. I honor the union of the masculine and feminine within me and others. I give and receive freely from the wellspring of life. I am creative and use my ability daily to create beautiful life. 2nd chakra/ sacral
color - orange
element - water
gland - bladder, sexual organs
emotions, self-worth, sexuality, open expression, being able to give and receive, creativity
I am safe. I trust in the natural flow of life. I trust that everything I need will come in the right time and the right place. I am secure and grounded in the physical form and give thanks to Mother Earth for the nourishment, healing and stability. I am very centered. I am here & now. I live the present. 1st chakra/ base
color- red
element - earth
gland - adrenals, kidney
security, foundations of life, trust in life, ability to manifest what you need, grounding, centering, safeness


Available to download -
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This meditation when its used on a regular basis will be a great tool for you to take the time to pay attention to your body, mind and to create the union between them, to create balance and harmony in your life. By cleansing, unblocking, balancing your chakras and enhancing your life-force energy flow in your body you will improve your health and well-being.

The Chakras which I am using for this meditation are energy centers in the body where energy can enter, each one holding certain types of energy, different vibration with different colors, so by placing hands over them you will allow them to open and receive loving, healing energy to help you to have even more joy, happiness, love, peace and anything you wish to have in your life.

-Now… sit in your favorite meditative pose with your back straight or lie down and close your eyes.
-Breath slowly & deeply in and out, in and out, in and out…
-As you inhale imagine life-force energy entering your body, hold the breath for a second and feel that energy is flowing to every cell, every tissue in your body…
-And as you exhale feel the tension, the negative emotions, not empowering thoughts releasing, letting go of them…let it go, let it go…- focus within yourself

-You will work through each chakra, holding your hands over the area for about three minutes each.
-As you hold your hands over your chakras, imagine connecting with life-force energy from the universe, see, feel, know the bright light coming to your body through the top of your head and feel it flowing into your chakras, and your body, feel the warmth, and peace…and relax, and relax…

-If you are Reiki practitioner use Reiki energy to balance your chakras and if you know symbols use the Power Symbol to empower this exercise, to balance and protect you. Imagine the power symbol on each flower, on each chakra during this meditation.

You might use the pictures of flowers with affirmations for each chakra. Imagine those flowers opening up on your chakras - one after the other. Nicely and slowly - take your time to read the affirmations for each chakra and really feel the energy flow in each chakra and whole your body.

To finish this meditation please -
-… imagine that from that while flower which is on the top of your head beautiful white energy is spreading around you and covering you like a coat. This is your energy coat to protect you when you finish this meditation.
-Slowly take few deep breaths, move your toes, move your fingers, your legs and hands, open your eyes and come back knowing that all those beautiful qualities you open your body, mind and spirit for will stay with you for ever.



This is a really beautiful way to balance and harmonize your energy using a simple techniques.

It may be done with or without invoking Reiki - both ways are pretty amazing and works wonders to bring body into a state of harmony and keep our vital energy strong.

I do it when I am still in bed every morning as it helps me to prepare for a day. Reiki will flow nice and strong helping to get that beautiful energy for all the task that are awaiting you.

It might be done for 5-10 minutes or half an hour or whatever time you have.This exercises might be done in a sitting or laying position. 

Relax and lets start it:

* Lay down or sit down, breathe gently

* Invite Reiki Energy or simply keep breathing for couple of minutes and feel your body relaxing into it

* Gently put one hand on your First Chakra and the other on Sixth Chakra; let the energy flow from your hands to your body, relax and keep until you feel the energy flow in your hands

* Gently move your hands to Second and Fifth Chakra; feel the energy flowing, the harmony and balance

* Move your hands to Third and Forth Chakra and breathe, relax

and let the energy flow freely and peacefully

* Together with hands positions you might use affirmations or visualization - whatever you feel is need it 'just for today'

May that be a beautiful experience for you and may the energy flow in you bringing you joy, happiness, health, love.