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#1. FREE! Self-awareness with Reiki Healing Evenings

'A true compassion is loving all the time' - Proverb

During this evenings we remind ourselves our True Nature and True Nature of others using Reiki, chanting, energy moving exercises, visualization and other techniques. We awake the Beauty, the Joy, the Healer, the Guru within us and Shine The Light of Our Souls. It is much easier for all of us to Shine the Light while we are with Friends during Workshops and Classes, when we feel safe to open up - but what about 'Real Life"? Are we true to ourselves? Do we really shine That Light when we leave Workshops and Classes? Do we really remember who we are? Do we let our beloved to experience Our Beauty Within? Do we live the Life we desire?

I trust that we have to start from somewhere. So if we start to Shine The Light of Our Souls from couple of hours a week and then consciously take that with us to our home, work, 'real life' place - and soon we will transform and see the differences. And be who we really want to be and live life we desire to live! Having said that - I trust that what really counts it is our journey. So lets smell the roses and enjoy all qualities of ourselves knowing that thanks to all of them we are on the path called Growing, Blooming like the most beautiful Flower. Treat Past as you best Teacher and Your All Parts/Qualities like you best Friends!

#2. 7 Wonders Of Your Spirits - Introductory to Chakras

This class is a perfect introductory for anyone who never heard of chakras
as well as for everyone who use or would like to use the chakra knowledge
on their healing field. You will learn about our Energy Body, Chakras
and their meaning in your personal journey. You will discover how your own chakras
work and how you can improve and balance them.
We will also have time for hands on practice and self-diagnosis.

#3. Awake Your Own Healing Ability (Healing Pain & Stress) Class

Strengthen your power and awareness for self-healing as you learn
- body psychology, how & where we store the pain and stress in our body,
- an amazing power of conscious breathing which brings peace in your body, mind, emotions, & release the pain,
- visualization, beginner's meditation, chakras healing, simple energy healing technique called Reiki
This class will provide you with many practical tips and techniques to help you
manage stress, let go of pain, maintain your energy level and fully enjoy happy & abounded life.
You will get many new Personal Tools for Transformation and Haling Yourself.

Meditation & Relaxation Classes


Take time out from your busy schedule and give yourself a mini-holiday! Learn to relax, reduce stress and think more clearly! Using various relaxation techniques including directive and non-directive meditation as well as various breathing techniques for beginners to advanced, you will learn how let the world go by, increase your energy, find your center and become much more aware of yourself, others and the world around you! These techniques can be incorporated by you anywhere and at anytime throughout your day to enhance your life.

Note: See also the Reiki Healing Touch - Chakra Balancing Meditation that you can download to help enhance your meditation and relaxation experience while at home or at work.