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                   by Ula Moleda                                                                  


'He who performs actions, surrendering them to Brahman and abandoning all attachment, is not polluted by sin, as a lotus leaf by water.'    - 'The Bhagavad-Gita' Chapter V

While reading The Lord's Song, this verse jumped at me and asked for another interpretation. I do not have the word 'sin' or 'sinner' in my dictionary and I don't believe in sins. However, this verse has taken me with its powerful allegory of a Lotus flower not being moistened by water even though it grows in water! I got a picture in my mind of us, human, who grow in society and yet, can be free from all the programming, dos and don'ts. We do not need to be polluted by It.

I believe that we can achieve true happiness (which, for me, it is a state of mind, not a few minutes of feeling good) and wisdom without having to run to caves, retreats, monasteries. These days, we are all mystics without monasteries.

As I don't care about achieving liberation or enlightenment as such, I will write about achieving peace and happiness in this world. I will not write about being good or sacrifice self so one can achieve Nirvana or happiness in another World. I don't know about other worlds and to be honest, I don't care. I do though focus on living a happy life in this World, on this Earth, Here and Now.

That's why, I think, it's crucial to really get to know ourselves, to get to know our desires, our beliefs, our values and behavior. It is crucial to spend some time everyday only with oneself, selfishly with pleasure of being in a good company that we are getting to know. It is important to observe oneself, to see how we respond to people, to events, to the world and, if necessary, to change things, our behavior or even our beliefs that do not work for us, which result in stress, tension, anger, unhappiness.

I do believe that this is something we owe ourselves - to let grow, to let flourish, to let fly with a great tool, which is to know 'thyself'.

'But those whose ignorance is destroyed by Self-knowledge, their knowledge of the Self, like the sun, illumines the Supreme.'   - The Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter V

There are many different tools to deal with unwanted behavior or beliefs, tools for putting in order our values, tools for affirming the happy and content self.

I will emphasize though on the simple tool which can be done everyday at home, in our own small space or anywhere we are. It is to spend some time with oneself. Just few minutes everyday, in our own company, can result in great peace and happiness as well as finding some meaning for our life. Our own meaning...not the one the society wants us to have, or the one that is imposed by our family or religion.

Spending those few minutes only with oneself - meditating, sharing reiki for yourself, doing some yoga, energy exercises... whatever is best for us - can really make us like those Lotus Flowers - being able to live in the society and yet, not being polluted by it. Being able to live in water, but not being moistened by it. Being free to live our life the way we want, being free to choose to be happy, being free to choose in what we want to believe. Being strong to play the role in our life we want and which makes us happy, not what society want us to play to fulfill their purpose.

The freedom we gain brings peace of mind and happiness that among other things we achieve by being and knowing Oneself, will help us to live a happy and fulfilled life in the World without running away from It.

'He whose joy is within, whose pleasure is within, and whose light is within, that Yogi, being well-established in Brahman, attains to absolute freedom.'  - The Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter V

And good thing to remember - once the self-knowledge is within us, there is no way back to live otherwise.

May we be always blessed with Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy...

'In that state, transcending the senses, he feels that infinite bliss which is perceived by the purified understanding; knowing that and being established therein, he never falls back from this real state of Self-knowledge.'  - The Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter V

'The lotus in the water is not wet Nor the water-fowl in the stream. If man would live, but by the world untouched, Meditate and repeat the name of the Lord Supreme.' - Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh faith