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        CALL YOUR


   by Ula Moleda                                                                 

    Call your spirit                                          

Every time we think about someone with gratitude, forgiveness, love or we send them our blessings, prayers, light is like putting 1000 dollars into that person 'personal power account'. We help them to grow richer.
When we hold grudges, negative attitude or intention, when we curse or wish the worst for that person, it's like raping that person, withdrawing thousands of dollars from their 'personal power account'. We make them weak, energetically and otherwise.
What would be your choice today? What fears do you have about becoming emotionally/physically healthy? What fears do you have to see someone become healthy?

This work very similarly with us. Just imagine... Every time you think negatively about yourself you take energy (I put that into dollars to make a better picture) from your 'personal power account'. No wonder, that after some time of that negative image in your own eyes you feel weak, powerless, hopeless.. and you don't have energy to do anything.
But that works in two ways. So every time you do something nice to yourself, you think good about yourself, you take care of yourself (lets say, read a good book, take a nice walk, healthy meal, meditate, do self-healing etc), you put a lot of energy/dollars into your ' personal power account - ppa'.
The choice is yours. That's the beauty.
Do you like yourself? Do you respect yourself? Do you consider yourself strong or weak? Are you honest? Are you critical of yourself?

There is a split second we usually have before we react or say/do something. That little time can be used to make a conscious decision how we want to react and what we want to say. Do you like taking responsibility for your behavior and way of thinking?
Lets remember that illness is not always the result of our negative behavior, thinking or beliefs. Illness can be a part of our destiny, the beginning of something new. But we will know the difference if we get to know ourselves and carefully listen to our body.
So, lets enjoy it, just for today, putting great amount of energy/dollars into our own as well as others 'personal power accounts'.

With Love and Light and many Blessings and Thanks for another magical day in this magical Universe!