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Beliefs & Reactions

- Defusing The Bomb

               Ula Moleda                                                                


'Beware of the anger of the mind, and control thy mind! Leave the sins of the mind, and practice virtue with thy' - The Dhammapada, Chapter XVII

We all 'work hard' on having good and happy life. We analyze our behavior, our beliefs. We take time to get to know ourselves. We know that having a low self-esteem in life is like driving with the hand-brake we work on pumping up our self-esteem. We try to clear the clutter outside and inside. Do affirmations, meditation, visualizations etc...

And, still, Universe throws at us challenges which we need to face; situations we have to copy with; people we need to deal with. We all have our 'hot buttons', automatic responses to stimuli. Some of those buttons don't need to be changed as they are there to protect us, to help. But there are also buttons which bring about the negative reactions. Those are the one we might consider to change.

So, when you see day after day 'the same' situation in your life, 'the same' issue, 'the same' reaction - a reaction you are not proud of... you know that this is the time to stop and face your beliefs. Rectify.

Our subconscious mind works according to the law of belief. Beliefs are really powerful sources of energy that keep us going the way we do. Belief is a thought that has been accepted as truth, first by our conscious mind and then subconscious mind (and here take on its power). That's why some affirmations might simply not work with us if we don't really believe in them. We might believe, consciously, on the intellectual level, that they are true, but unless our subconscious mind will take them as the true statement, they are not much of the help.

Every day watch self-suggestion and suggestions from other people. Be very careful what you are taking on-board. Company of pessimists and negative people might not give you thoughts that inspire and motivate you! But you can always make a choice. Listen and read about things that move you forward, not backwards.

When you control your mind, you shape your reality, your experiences. The world is your canvas. Your mind is the hand which holds the brush. Have fun painting/creating fantastic art work!

'Not to commit any sin, to do good, and to purify one's mind, that is the teaching of all the Awakened' - The Dhammapada, Chapter XIV

OK, so you were challenged by similar situations over past few days. You weren't? I have been...for a couple of days. Similar behavior cried for a change! I tried to ignore it first, but it didn't let I stopped and faced it. It was the time to do something about it and I did using NLP technique, which I am going to share with you now. This is a nice, simple technique and you can do it at home. However, if you really struggle with changing some of your beliefs & re/actions, you might contact an NLP Practitioner.

This exercise might help to change your reaction in a certain situation, not your belief. But then, your mind will follow your body. Your body will follow your mind. Both can be true.

You might do this exercise in your mind or actually physically standing on the ground, moving and visualizing.

1 - Draw two circles on the floor, one behind the other (using an imaginary pen) and imagine in the first one the situation where you behaved the way you are not proud and want to change,

2 - Now, step into the second circle. Think about someone you might know or you heard about who, in the same situation, would behave differently - the way you would like to behave.

3- Take some time to imagine that person going through the same situation as you and behaving in the way you would like. Do you know how that person will react? Do you know what she/he might say/do?

4 - Step back and observe now the imaginary person and yourself observing that person. Complicated? You are basically in the third position now - observing the situation, observing the person and observing yourself observing.

5 - Step into the second circle and imagine yourself modeling after that person in this certain situation, behaving the way you would like to.

6 - Now, step into the first circle, to the actual situation and try the new behavior. Become fully associated with the feeling and emotions of that situation.

7 - Step back, disassociate, step in, associate. Do you feel more comfortable with the new and improved behavior?

This might seems somehow artificial at first but hopefully, next time, if the life challenges you with similar situation, you will be able to respond the way you really like!

'Let a man overcome anger by love, let him overcome evil by good; let him overcome the greedy by liberality, the liar by truth'  - The Dhammapada, Chapter XVII

Enjoy Life! It's precious and magic. Enjoy Yourself! You are precious and beautiful!

With Love & Light,