Reiki Masters Lineage

Reiki Masters Lineage has been created to honor those who opened for us the gates to a beautiful healing and self - transforming spiritual path. A special 'Thank you' to those who are shared and continually are sharing with others their lives, light and love!

The following sources have been used to create this document:

* 'The Reiki Sourcebook', by Bronwen and Frans Stiene
* 'Reiki Fire', by Frank Arjava Petter
* 'The Hayashi Reiki Manual', by F. Petter, T. Yamaguchi, C. Hayashi
* 'Reiki Master Manual', by William Lee Rand
as well as these and other websites:

To read more about Different Reiki Schools please see 'Different Systems of Reiki & Other Healing Energies' on this website. If any of the information you find within this document appears to be incorrect or if you would like to share more Light on the Reiki Lineage or your own Reiki Lineage, please contact Ula at