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Different Systems Of Reiki
Other Healing Energy Systems

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Reiki is Universal but it is not 'the only one' in the Universe. Below are listed different healing systems including Reiki as well as other healing energy systems available now.
Those energies are usually passed on to the student by the teacher via attunement ceremony (use of symbols, chanting, meditation, prayers, touch...). Another way to access healing energies is to invite in your Higher Spirit Guides, your Angeles and ask them to bring the energy of Love and Light and Healing for you (usually during channeling, meditation, dreams...)
Some of the traditions trace to Dr Mikao Usui and others go back to earlier roots in India, Tibet, Egypt. I listed Energy Healings Systems where not Personal Energy is used but the Divine, Cosmic, Universal Life Force Energy.

There is only short explanation about different schools together with some sources where you might get more information. This is not a complete description of all Reiki Systems and Schools - it might never be as Reiki is very Universal, Unlimited, Creative. However, I will do my best to list as many Reiki & Other Healing Energies Traditions as, with your help, I will come across. See 'REIKI MASTERS LINEAGE' - for more information about the system's lineage.

While reading about different schools/energy vibrations/levels/the uniqueness of the system etc please keep your mind and heart open. What is written or said can be very subjective. The information I wrote is based on claims by those branches (usually from their websites or/and books) which doesn't mean that the claims are the Truth.
If any of the information you find within this document appears to be incorrect including names, websites etc please contact me and I will be very happy to update it.
If you know about any other school of Reiki or other Healing Energies please write to me together with the sources you got the information from and I will update this table.
Thank you and Have lots of Fun exploring it!

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The Reiki Alliance YES Phyllis Lei Furumoto The Reiki Alliance is an international community of Reiki Masters of the Usui System of Reiki Healing ­- Usui Shiki Ryoho. After meeting in 1982, a group of masters (Takata’s students) gathered the following year in British Columbia, Canada to create The Reiki Alliance and acknowledge Takata¹s granddaughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, as her successor and Grand Master. They follow Takata’s teaching which is said to be the closest to Traditional Usui Reiki teaching.

Alchemia Reiki YES Kamala Renner Alchemia Reiki involves the art of breath, Reiki and Shamballa energy work combined with touch therapy as a method to release blockages. There are 3 levels of Reiki Degrees – I, II and Master Therapist Degree. Each level is 2 days workshop. Kamala Renner established a DoveStar School of Holistic Technology.
Ascension Reiki YES Jayson Suttkus  Channeled from the Ascended Masters. Suttkus was initiated by Ascended Masters through chakras above his head together with symbols. The Reiki Symbols are said to have a relationship with our subtle anatomy. It said that the attunement process of Ascension Reiki attunes the whole anatomy of the Higher Self. The 8 basic attunements attune the 8 anatomical aspects of the Higher Self – The Will, The Power, The Soul, The Mind, The Body, The Feeling Body, The Thinking Body, The Acting Body. There is also 9th attunement for the Higher Self. His book "Book of Remembrance" explains with details the new/old Reiki System.
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Drisana Energy System NO   This energy system is of Tibetan origin – the word "Drisana" itself being Sanskrit for "the daughter of the sun"; with many attunements to help purify, cleanse and balance the chakras, subtle bodies and the physical body. ‘Drisana is one of only a few energy systems in the world which work with all seven planes of reality - the physical, emotional, mental, Buddhic, atmic, monadic and the cosmic’. These systems, like Reiki, use cosmic energies which offer a vast source of different rates and frequencies. Another concept, similar to Reiki is that they carry intelligence. When we run these energies they have the ability to go to where they are needed in the body and mind and to work on the problem.

Reiki Dharma YES Frank Arjava Petter Frank Arjava Petter says “Reiki , as taught by Dr. Usui in the early 1920’s is ultimately a path to enlightenment. And for any of us to walk the path of enlightenment, it is vital that we are well prepared for the event. What prepares us, is the Dharma. Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means law. In Buddhist terminology it is used to mean the teachings of the Buddha. In our case Reiki Dharma means the teachings and guidelines of Dr.Mikao Usui, or Usui Sensei as he was and still is called in Japan’. There are 4 Levels/Degrees: 1 Level - 2 days, 4 attunements; 2 Level - 2 days, 1 attunement, 3 Usui symbols; 3 Level - 2 days, Master Symbol; 4 Level - Reiki Master/Teacher, 7 days.
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Gendai Reiki Ho YES Hiroshi Doi

Hiroshi Doi-Sensei integrates training information and methods from Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai as well as modern forms of Reiki that he has learned from Western based teachings. Doi-san calls his Reiki "Gendai Reiki Ho" or "Modern Reiki Method". While he adopts Reiki as practiced at Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, he tries to make it more fitted to the current society/environment, retaining the true essence and heart of Mr. Usui's original Reiki. In 1995 he established Gendai Reiki Healing Kyokai - Modern Reiki Healing Association).
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Hayashi Shiki Reiki YES Chujiro Hayashi Chujiro Hayashi was one of several high ranking Reiki students in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. He left Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and his new style he wrote in his manual was called Hayashi Shiki Reiki. He established Hayashi Reiki Kenkyukai - Research Center. The Traditional Japanese Reiki System is divided onto: Shoden – 6th degree represents Level I of the Western Teaching; Shoden is divided into 4 parts. Level II of the Western Teaching is called Okuden in Japan and is divided into 2 parts – Okuden Zenki & Okuden Koki. The Master Degree is called in Japan Shinpiden and it’s divided into two – Shihan-Kaku (teacher’s assistant) and Shihan (teacher).

‘The Hayashi Reiki Manual’

by Frank Arjava Petter, Tadao Yamaguchi,

Chujiro Hayashi

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Jikiden Reiki YES Chiyoko Yamaguchi & Tadao Yamaguchi Recently established in Japan as they claimed ‘in order to preserve the original ideas and lineage of Usui Sensei & Hayashi Sensei”. There are 4 levels – Shoden – 4 attunements, okuden : okuden Zenki & Okuden Koki; Shinpiden: Shihan-Kaku (assistant teacher) & Shihan (teacher). Reiki symbols with mantras are taught.

‘The Hayashi Reiki Manual’

by Frank Arjava Petter, Tadao Yamaguchi,

Chujiro Hayashi

Johrei Reiki/Vajra Reiki® YES   Johrei Reiki is a combination of Raku Kei Reiki and Johrei (some say that this is a religion in Japan, some – that this is another healing system). Reiki Practitioners didn’t want the connection with religion so now this system is called Vajra Reiki. There is a use of the Raku breath also called ‘breath of the fire dragon’, hands positions, traditional & non-traditional symbols. There are 3 levels of teaching.

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Komyo Reiki Kai YES Hyakuten Inamoto It’s based on the Chujiro Hayashi teaching as learned by Chiyoku Yamaguchi (she studied 2 first level with Hayashi Sensei). Hyakuten Inamoto is a Japanese monk who studied with Chiyoku. However, he was asked by Chiyoku’s son not to teach the Jikiden system. Hyakuten had to re-named his school into Komyo Reiki Kai.The system uses the original 4 Hayashi levels of Shoden, Chuuden, Okuden & Shinpiden but gives more insights into Hayashi-Sensei teaching.
Karuna Reiki® YES William Lee Rand William Rand was guided in 1995 to name the new system Karuna Reiki® which can be defined as the Reiki of Compassion. The system is trademarked by William Rand. It said that the energies that are connected to this system are unique even though the symbols are used by other schools, but the attunements are different. It uses chanting and toning to help the healing energies penetrate more deeply into the cells and tissues of the clients body. Teachers need to be trained and registered with the Center and have a registration number. It can be taught during 3 day weekend Or Karuna Reiki® can be divided into four levels - two practitioner levels and two Master levels. There are two attunements, four master symbols and eight treatment symbols. A requirement for taking any of the Karuna practitioner levels is ART or what is also called Reiki 3a. Karuna training is not a substitute for Usui Reiki, but the next step after it.

Karuna Ki YES Vincent Amador V Amador says “Karuna Ki is the Way of Compassionate Energy and a Healing and Meditative practice using the Karuna Ki energy and symbols to be the Divine Heart of Compassion’. Karuna Ki shares the symbols and early development with Karuna Reiki® , and Tera Mai-Reiki. Karuna Ki has new attunements and Karuna Ki Do meditations, and is a new development apart from either Karuna Reiki and Tera Mai-Reiki.’ Use of chanting, toning, violet breath. Levels - Karuna Ki singular Attunement or Karuna Ki Three Levels Attunements.

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Mari-EL YES Ethel Lombardi Mari represents Mary, Mother of Christ, and El one of the names of God. The theory behind Mari-EL healing is that every cell in our body has a memory. Memories we store of a negative emotional or physical experience will block the flow of energy. Mari-EL healing helps to release these memories. It is believed that the Mari-El system of healing is no longer being taught by Ethel.

Method to Achieve Personal Perfection YES Chris Marsh-teacher Usui teaching was first called by Usui's students 'Usui Teate' - 'Usui Hand Touch' or 'Usui Hand Healing also Usui Do - 'Usui Way'. The name Reiki is not used or known by Usui's students. The word Reiki is used in the affirmations but not as a name for the teachings. The teaching is tailored to the individual, each ones experience being different. After the initial introduction the real work of study begins with approved experienced teacher. In addition there are a small number of 'Teaching Students' these are Senior students who can undertake some basic teaching and support of students, with the close supervision of a full teacher. They may teach only with the approval of the Full Teachers.

Magnified Healing NO Kathryn Anderson Energy received by Kathryn Anderson in 1983 from the Ascended Masters. In 1992, Kwan Yin presented Kathryn and her friend Gisele King, with a method to transfer the ability to connect to this energy to others. Rather than channeling energy as in Reiki, the practitioner becomes the energy.  
Mystical Qi Gong NO   A Version of Qigong healing that involves storing and transmitting Qi. The process is initialized by and initiation given by the master to the student which allows the late to connect to the Qi. Mr. Ou founded the Pan Gu Mystical Qigong International Research Institute in 1997 to engage in the international research on the QiGong and somatic science, to diagnose illnesses through exceptional ability, to issue Qi to patients to recuperate their bodies.
Medicine Dharma Reiki (Men Chhos Rei Kei ) YES Richard Blackwell Until January 2003, Medicine Dharma Reiki (Men Chhos Rei Kei) was posted as a healing discipline said by its head, Richard Blackwell, to be based on ancient Buddhist texts and the actual written notes of Mikao Usui. The book Medicine Dharma Reiki, written by Richard Blackwell, states Mikao Usui's notes were rediscovered in 1994 among other Buddhist texts purchased by Richard Blackwell's father in Japan after World War II. He never let anyone to verified this writing.
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Non-Traditional Usui Reiki YES first taught by Diane Stein Practitioners together with Reiki might use a combination of crystals, stones, plants, colors, visualization, affirmations, energy manipulation, massage, chanting/singing, and psychic work, traditional and non-traditional symbols. While some practitioners practice Reiki no differently from Traditional Usui Reiki practitioners, others are drastically different. Some say that many teaching done on the Web is by Non-Traditional Reiki Masters who attunes distantly as well as in person. Many Masters do not consider lineage as important as Traditional Usui Reiki does; some even consider lineage to be irrelevant.
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Reiki Jin Kei Do YES Ranga Premaratna Seiji Takamori, student of Takeuchi, felt a deep desire to search for the origins of Reiki, so he embarked on a 20 year journey to India, Nepal, and Tibet. After a long search, he found a few monks belonging to a special sect who practiced the Buddho System of Healing, a method similar but more complete than Reiki. After spending many years with them and receiving all the secret teachings and energy transmissions, he returned to teach meditation and healing, he then called EnerSense. In 1990, Seiji Takamori taught Ranga Premaratna the four stages of EnerSense and also the teachings and empowerments of Reiki, as transmitted in this very spiritual Buddhist lineage. Premaratna later called this lineage Reiki Jin Kei Do - Reiki in the Way of Compassion and Wisdom.
Reiki Plus ® YES David Jarrel Students are offered the opportunity to become ministers in David Jarrel church who is the founder of the Reiki Plus Institute. David made his transition June 25th, 2002. There are 4 Reiki Practitioner Degrees, Master Level in the 2 Reiki Programs. All current Reiki Plus Masters have spent 3-9 years practicing, studying and traveling in tutorial study with David. The RPI is paralleled by the Pyramids of Light Church – church of Natural Healing and is Federally recognized as a church of healing through Reiki Plus and Etheric Body Healing. The training offered by RPI is the core principles of Reiki to counseling approaches, Etheric Body Chakra Healing, Soul Level healing techniques and training about the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Discernment.

The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki® YES Barbara Weber Ray B Ray’s new system of Reiki has 7 levels. She claims that Hawayo Takata secretly trained her (and non of the other 21 masters) in the full 7 levels of the Reiki System before making her transition. From the recent researches we know that there were several different levels of teaching in Japan (please see Hayashi Shiki Reiki). She founded the American Reiki Association, Inc. in 1980. Later (around 1982-83) the name changed to the American-International Reiki Association, Inc. (A.I.R.A). Now her organization is called The Radiance Technique International Association, Inc. (TRTIA). There are 7 levels/degrees. 1 Level – 4 attunements, 2 Level – 3 Usui Symbols without their names/mantra; 3 Level – divided to 3, 3a, 3b – Usui Master symbol without it’s name is given to Level 3. 3b Practitioner can teach Level 1 & 2; 4th Level Practitioner can teach Level 1-3. 5th Level Practitioner can teach 1-4 and so on.7th Level Practitioner can teach all levels.

Raku Kei Reiki YES Iris Ishikuro & Arthur Robertson Raku-Kei is the ancient science of self-development and self-improvement. It’s believed that Ishikuro (Takata’s student) developed this system on her Reiki and Raku Kei (‘The way of the Fire Dragon’’) knowledge. Raku is the vertical flow of energy and Kei – the horizontal flow of energy in the body. There are 4 levels/degrees: First and Second Level are taught as one class – 2 attunements; 3 traditional symbols plus 1 additional and Antahkarana. Third Level – teaches ‘Sacred Secrets of Reiki’, Chakra system. Fourth Master/Teacher Level – passing attunements.

Reiki TUMMO YES Irmansyah Effendi Irmansyah Effendi started teaching Reiki TUMMO in Indonesia to the public in 1998. TUMMO is a Tibetan word which means inner fire and refers to the Kundalini (natural power within every human). It said that we need this special energy to attain higher achievements in the spiritual development. There are 3 levels: First level with distance healing, Second Level – symbols, Kundalini awakening & exercises, 3A Level – 8 chakras attunement, 3B Teacher Level. No one outside Padmacahaya Foundation or Padmajaya Foundation is authorized to give a Reiki TUMMO attunements.
Rainbow Reiki YES Walter Lubeck It’s a spiritual way developed on the fundament of Traditional Usui Reiki. He uses in his system Reiki, Shamanism, Feng Shui, Meditation, state-of-the-art communication methods, spiritual psychology/psychotherapy. Rainbow Reiki uses more symbols and mantras as well as techniques like Karma Clearing, Astral Traveling, Crystal Healing, Work with Inner Child, NLP.
The Re Hu Tek™ System NO Allen Burns RHT is a healing/transformative/ balancing energetic system from Ancient Egypt; Through years of experience and practice; through deep remembering, and research, Allen, with his wife Anita, have formulated a way to use RHT in modern times, and to pass this ability on to others. RHT, through a simple initiation process, brings the student into the flow of a divine intelligence combining Cosmic and Earth energies—some believe it to be the Christ Consciousness itself. Re Hu Tek™ (pronounced Ray Hoo Tek) is actually Re Xhu Tet'k, which means the Sun God sends forth rays of splendor through his voice. The two levels of training has been developed and the system is still in ‘working progress’.
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Satya Reiki YES Shingo Sakuma In 1997 former Zen monk Shingo Sakuma started the Satya Reiki Communion in Pune, India. Satya in Sanskrit means Truth. 3 Levels with 3 or 4 attunements in the First Level, 3 attunements in the Second Level and 1 attunement in the Third Level. 3 traditional Usui symbols for the Second Level and one symbol for the Third Level. Satya Reiki uses also Chakra balancing and healing.

‘The Reiki Sourcebook’

by Bronwen and Frans Stiene

Seichim YES Patrick Ziegler There is much confusion about this healing system. There are different names used for it such as – Seichem, Seekhem, SKHM, SSR as well as 7 Facets Seichim, New Life Seichim, Taokan Seichim, Isis Seichim. This system tends to produce many offshoots as each Reiki Master discovers the energy working internally. Patrick Ziegler was guided to new symbols, procedures which he re-discover in Egypt. Some people say that Seichim has it’s origins in Egypt. There are 4 distinct versions of Seichim Reiki and they use all Usui Traditional Reiki symbols as well as additional symbols. The first style of Seichim is very close to the Traditional Usui Reiki. There are 5 Facets (Levels). 1 Facet – 4 attunements, 2 Facet – 2 attunements, 3 traditional Usui symbols, 3 Facet – Master, 1 attunement, 1 symbol, 4& 5 Facets – 1 attunement, additional symbols each. The second style of Seichim has a strong Egyptian feel and it has 2 facets with 11 steps to each facet, and 4 levels. Each facet has initiations and 9 additional symbols. The third style of Seichim is Tibetan in feel with new symbols and understandings at each level. There are 3 levels – 1 attunement each and 16 additional symbols. The fourth style of Seichim as taught by Patrick Ziegler today. It attunes one to Living Light energy which moves in a figure eight rather than a spiral as in Reiki. It is said that with Seichim one can direct and control the intensity of the energy. Both Seichim and Reiki are gentle loving energies, which help the body to regain balance and reconnects the initiate with Source/Creator/God.

SKHM YES Patrick Ziegler Patrick Zeigler moved on to create the SKHM energy system after Seichim. This system uses meditation and reflection to access the energy, under the guidance of SKHM Masters. Patrick Ziegler uses flowing meditation instead of traditional attunements. It said that SKHM is more of a group oriented energy and one of the great aspects is that it seems to support students development and takes to new insights and usage of this energy.

Sai Baba Reiki YES Kathleen Milner No longer taught; fascinating and confusing history. All Karuna systems can trace their roots to the early work of Kathleen Milner. What is now Karuna Reiki* and/or Tera Mai™ Reiki was previously known and taught as Sai Baba Reiki. Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller (Kathleen’s student), after feeling that something is missing in Takata’s Reiki, started to work on the spiritual plate, with Indian guru Satya Sai Baba. They said that there were challenging the symbols and attunements from him. However, Sai Baba organization stated that they knew nothing about Sai Baba Reiki and the name was not being used any more.

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Tomita Teate Ryoho-kai YES Kaiji Tomita Kaiji Tomita learned Reiki from Dr Usui in around 1925-6 and taught Reiki in 4 levels: Shoden, Chuuden, Okuden, Kaiden. Each first 3 levels required 5 days (2 hours for each day) to be completed. Kaiden required 15 days. After Usui’s death, Tomita established Tomita Teate Ryoho-kai (Tomita Hand Healing Associaltion).

The Tenohira Ryoji Kenkyu Kai YES Toshihiro Eguchi Eguchi (Usui’s student and friend) established Tenohira Ryoji Kenkyu-kai (hand healing research center) in 1928. Famous students of Eguchi are Yasukiyo Eguchi, Kohshi Mitsui, and Goro Miyazaki. He uses similar teaching as Japanese Masters do. Also uses Waka poetry, prayer, diet, hygiene and psychological aspects.
Tera Mai™ Reiki & Tera Mai™ Seichem YES Kathleen Milner All Karuna systems can trace their roots to the early work of Kathleen Milner. What is now Karuna Reiki* and/or Tera Mai™ Reiki was previously known and taught as Sai Baba Reiki. Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller (Kathleen’s student), after feeling that something is missing in Takata’s Reiki, started to work on the spiritual plate, with Indian guru Satya Sai Baba. They said that they were channeling the symbols and attunements from him. However, now it been said that those symbols were channeled directly from god. Tera Mai™ Reiki attunements pass on the energy from the element earth. Tera Mai™ Seichem has the energy of earth (Reiki), fire (Sakara), water (Sophi-El) and air (Angeliclight). 3 Levels using additional channeled symbols. The first two Tera Mai™ Reiki attunements are in the first two Tera Mai™ Seichem attunements. In third Tera Mai™ Reiki Mastership – 1 more attunement into elemental earth energy and taught how to do 3 Tera Mai™ Reiki attunements. Tera Mai™ Seichem Mastership – need to finish Tera Mai™ Mastership class. Violet Flame and passing attunements are taught. In 1995 Kathleen trademarked Tera Mai™ Reiki and Tera Mai™ Seichem.

Tibetan Reiki YES   Generic name which is like an umbrella for Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Tibetan/Usui Reiki, Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki. Many independent masters teach also some variations of these systems usually adding to Usui Reiki their Tibetan knowledge as well as some Tibetan meditation, practice, Antahkarana and other Tibetan symbols.

The Reiki Threshold YES Richard Rivard Richard Rivard blend original Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki styles as well as his metaphysical experience and found his own system called The Reiki Threshold. His attunements consist of his own Threshold Reiki energy and at least one of the Japanese Reiki energies he received. There are 4 Threshold Reiki Levels: 1 Level – with history of both The Reiki Threshold and Original Japanese Reiki and intuitive healing; Level 2 – 3 additional Taoist energies that Mikao Usui worked with before he encountered Reiki energy, several energies/symbols of Western origin: Level 3 – 4th Taoist energy which is parth of original Usui Reiki Ryoho, an additional Western energy/symbols; Master Level – students are allowed to choose the attunements, teaching, methods that best suit them.
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Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Traditional Usui Reiki or The Usui System of Natural Healing) YES Mikao Usui (1865-1926); In Japanese Reiki means ‘spiritual energy’, Ryoho means ‘healing method, therapy, cure’. It is said that this is the original name attributed to Reiki by Mikao Usui who achieved ‘satori’ (enlightenment) on Kurama Mountains. So he then developed system for wellness and spiritual growth. The organization Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai is still functioning in Tokyo, Japan. One of the main purpose of Reiki was not only to heal diseases, but also to have right mind and healthy body so that people would have happy & enjoyable life. Many techniques are orientated towards self-development, self-growth. There are three levels: Shoden, Okuden, and Shinpiden (master or secret level). Raiju (attunement) is performed at each meeting.

Usui Reiki Ryoho YES Hiroshi Doi In 1999 Hiroshi Doi was invited to teach a seminar in the West on Reiki Reiho based on Japanese Reiki teaching. This ‘new’ Japanese material was named ‘Reiki Ryoho’, ‘Usui Reiki Ryoho’ or ‘Reiho’. They use traditional Japanese techniques used by Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. There are 4 Usui Reiki Symbols; 3 Levels with 4 traditional attunements in the first one, three in the second one and one attunement in the shinpiden/teacher level.

Usui - Do or Usui – Do Eidan YES Yuji Onuki Dave King promotes what he refers to as Usui-Do saying that this is ‘an authentic reconstruction’ of the spiritual system of Mikao Usui. Usui-Do is a close reconstruction of Usui's system as presented by Yuji Onuki, a student of Toshihiro Eguchi who gave training to Dao Shen-Lissa, Tan-Lin (George) Mullen and Dave King in Morocco in 1971. Usui-Do is a system of self development. It is presented in a 'dojo' format identical to that used in many Japanese spiritual and martial arts. There are 13 levels from rokyu to shichidan. It is not about healing others, teaching or "becoming a master". However, a holder of level 5, godan, may use the title shihan and present the system up to nidan. There are no "masters".
Usui Shiki Ryoho YES Mrs Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto Mrs. Takata who was a master and studied under Hayashi in early 1930’s called her Reiki teaching ‘Usui Shiki Ryoho’. In Japanese Shiki means ‘style, ceremony, rite, system, method, form, and Ryoho means ‘healing, therapy, remedy, cure, method’. This is the method taught by the Reiki Alliance and some Independent Reiki Masters/Teachers. This name also was used by Mrs. Takata on the certificates she issued to her students. Mrs. Takata used the name Usui Reiki Ryoho for her system as well. The lineage is Usui - Hayashi – Takata - 22 Masters (please see Reiki Lineage). Lineage, certification, symbols, specific periods of time to wait between attunements are essential. There are 3 Levels or Degrees. I Level – has got 4 attunements, II Level – one attunements and 3 symbols, III Level, Mastership Degree – one attunement and Master Symbol.

Usui/Tibetan Reiki YES William Lee Rand It uses several additional symbols beyond the Usui system. There are 4 levels/degrees in this system. I Level – one attunement, II Level – one attunement with 3 Usui symbols, III Level called Advanced Reiki or Master Healing Degree– one attunement and Master Symbol, IV Level – Master/Teacher Degree – one attunement and Tibetan symbols. No $10.000 fee for Master Level, no waiting time between the attunements, respecting other schools.

Urevia NO   ‘Urevia is an old energy resurfacing during this time of new awakenings and is another healing energy similar to Reiki. It is from the same love source but it is a different frequency. There are many healing energies becoming active on Earth at this time to help us heal each other and ourselves. We can handle higher vibrations again, (like we did in the Atlantis times), and Urevia is just "one" of many healing energies and techniques that we are tapping into.’
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Vortex YES Toshitaka Mochizuki T Mochizuki wrote a book ‘Iyashi No Te’(Heal of Hand or Healing Hands) published in 1995. He was a head of the Vortex Reiki school in Tokyo. He learnt Reiki from the both Western and Eastern Masters. The Traditional Reiki System created in Canada by Dave King in 1995 is based on Mochizuki Vortex Reiki.
Vajra Reiki® YES Wade Ryan Wade Ryan named and trademarked this system based on Johrei Reiki. It says that the energy in this system is more focused, hotter. There are 3 levels –1) Shokuden (Level I & II in Usui Reiki) – 3 attunements & 4 symbols. This level of Vajra Reiki® is only available to Usui at least Level II Practitioners. 2) Shinpiden (Master Practitioner) after being at least one year in the Vajra system.The school says that their hand positions reverse the polarity of the recipient, while covering the entire body. 3) Vajra Raku-Kei Reiki Master®.

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WEI CHI Tibetan Reiki™ YES Thomas A. Hensel and Kevin Ross Emery WEI CHI Tibetan Reiki™ - System of Natural Healing. Thomas A. Hensel and Kevin Ross Emery claimed that they channeled words of Wei Chi, a 5000 year old Tibetan monk and one of the original creators of the healing system which, today, we call Reiki. New methods and philosophies were channeled. He claimed that when the system was rediscovered in the nineteenth century, only small portion of the original was actually found as much has been lost through the centuries. It is said that Traditional Usui Reiki is ‘Relaxation Reiki’, passive healing technique and Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki™ system is ‘Therapeutic Reiki’. There is a dialogue before and after the treatment and practitioners channel not only energy but also information. There are Three Practitioners Levels and Three Teachers Levels. To get the Third Teacher Level the student will have to have a minimum of 1135 contact hours (in both practitioner and teacher trainings) and a minimum of 200 documented and reviewed, practical hours in outside practice. The designations for those levels is awarded for a period not to exceed two years. The certificates are re-issued based on the achievement of continuing education credits and evidence that Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki™ is actively used in student’s work.


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Zarlen NO Dr. Jonathan Sherwood The Zarlen Therapy is a hands on telepathic healing technique, no other instruments are required, other than occasionally in the advanced areas of its applications where a fine quartz crystal may be used to focus energy more precisely. The Zarlen Therapy has various levels of application associated with it. For example, there are the basic Zarlen Healing Therapies, Intermediate techniques, and advanced techniques. Discovered by Dr. Jonathan Sherwood, author of Zarlen Speaks: A New Beginning, in 1984 in New Zealand. Supposedly, Zarlen is both Sherwood's guide and a "past life existence" that he'd had. Zarlen Therapy allegedly can "re-pattern" one's "higher brain functions" so that one is "completely back in tune." Application of the "technique" takes about three minutes.

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and many others which are listed above.