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If you would like to share your Reiki experience, please email me at ulamreiki@hotmail
I hope you enjoy the stories below.

with Love and Light,


Reiki Story #1

My Reiki story [though not much of a story] however it sure made a difference to me and also my family [though they didn't know it at the time.] I took care of my Mom after my Dad died.[I am an only child]
My Mom had Alzheimer disease although I did not know it until after my Dad died. I knew something was wrong but thought it was the shock of my Mom finding him dead of a heart attack.
After she was diagnosed she had progressed so fast in the disease that the doctor wouldn't allow her to come home, I had to locate a nursing home that would accept her. This was very hard as she had always pleaded with me never to put her into a nursing home. While there, they discovered that she had cancer.
To say the least this was very stressful on the whole family. I got the flue for the first time in my life. It left me with a cough that wouldn't go. It was diagnosed as possible bronchitis or asthma. It was asthma.
After my Mom died I was exhausted for months . The holidays came and I just didn't have the strength or will to get things done for them. I remember telling the nurse that I just wasn't going to do anything.
She recommended Reiki[which was done at the hospital] I went once a week and felt so very relaxed after each session. Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas and I felt real good about it.
I felt bad about myself previous to this as we had always celebrated the holidays and we really needed to continue and I needed to stop grieving.
My energy came back [although the asthma hasn't gone].
Reiki is great!!-Pills can't do it!! The body does know the difference!!
I highly recommend it. If done periodically I'm sure that a lot of sickness can be avoided.


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Reiki Story #2

I discovered the healing effects of Reiki in 2001, when I was going through a depressing time in my life.
I began working with the self healing at night and drawing the symbols on everything. I found working with Reiki energy deeply relaxing. Little by little practicing on myself, I felt my vibration becoming lighter.
I started seeing a light at the end of dark times. And since light attracts light, more positive people and situations started flowing into my life. I truly believe it when people say Reiki changes their lives.
Within a month of working with Reiki, I got out of a depression, changed careers and made lots of new friends and found a better way to cope with stress. Not to mention the healing benefits.
Relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional release and stress reduction.
In healing myself, I realized my path in this life was one of healing. I did not go into a career as a Reiki Practitioner, instead, I decided to dance down my path, working with dance therapy.
Two years later I am still experiencing the benefits of working with Reiki in a personal way.
A new career, new friends and a new more positive outlook. Reiki has brought me back to my true self, to a place of joy and deep peace.

Annalisa Meera Cornell
Long Beach, CA

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Reiki Story #3

I moved to States about a year ago. It felt so right and good to make Reiki healing my full time job.
It was simply my Love. Still is.
My husband and I made a beautifully peaceful home, our Love Temple where I mostly do the healing and workshops.
We know that we do want to travel but for now it's our stop and we want to enjoy it as much as we can.
Couple of months ago I went back home to Poland to see my family and friends I am very close to. I had a wonderful
time there and when I got back to States again I just wanted to pack and go back to Europe. I could not find myself
here at all. I had few really bad days where even my morning daily Reiki meditation didn't seems to help.
It just didn't work as powerfully as I needed at the time!
I got till the point that one day I found myself on the sofa not being able to move…feeling sorry for myself, sad and very homesick.
At the same time I did Reiki for myself…non-stop…for about 3 long hours…
And then I jumped…I just jumped from the sofa and started to do things I had no power to do for the last few days!
I was so active, so unstoppable, so clear in what I want to do, very grounded…and guided.
For next days right people just pop in on my path…people who are helping me with few projects we are working on
and I truly believe it is next step which needs to be taken.
I also opened up to receive even more Love, Light, Joy and Blessings.
If you feel lonely, homesick, out of place, lost, not knowing about your next step etc - try a longer Reiki session.
Give yourself more time and be very kind to yourself…
Let the Energy flow thru you and do it's job! Reiki it's very gentle yet powerful and always knows what you need!


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Reiki Story #4

There are two Reiki experiences that most easily come to mind. The first was at our Tantra class a few weeks back; we were practicing a new meditation and moving alot of energy when one of the other students began to feel a great deal of discomfort in an area of her neck and shoulder where she had major surgery a couple of years ago. I suggested that I give her some Reiki during our regular break, but my teacher said that I should do it right at that moment. What was so good was that she felt it almost immediately; most Reiki healing that I do takes a few minutes before the person starts to notice the lack of pain or improved sense of well-being.

The other occurred a week and a half ago at our Tantra get-together up in the desert. My good friend, Sheryl, was holding her jaw and making a face, so I asked what was the problem. Seems that she has had a long history of sensitive teeth and cold liquids really gave her alot of discomfort. I offered Reiki and treated it right in that moment. I really like Sheryl alot and hadn't seen her in two months, so maybe I had a little extra juice in it. But I called her the Monday after we all left the event and found her in the middle of testing to see if it worked. She took a big gulp of something cold and swished it around in her mouth, not once but twice, and reported that she felt a "tingle".

It's been even more amazing since receiving Darshan last month. It's as though I'm even more open and able to heal than with just the Kundalini factored into my practice. Like I told my teacher, I'm just a blissful conduit for the universe's love.

Shanti, Tim

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Reiki Story #5

''I had been experiencing symptoms of Colon Cancer again after being "cancer-free" since 1993. I have had several Colonoscopy procedures (9) since l993 and they always showed pre-cancerous polyps that were removed successfully during each procedure. This last bout of symptoms were more terrifying than any other that I had in the past and I was frightened and wondering again if I would have to have more colon surgeries and another 63 weeks of Chemotherapy treatments. I went to Ula for her to do Reiki healing treatments for me and I used my Reiki training to help myself. Each time I went to Ula I felt that Reiki could and would help me through this next test. I went for the test, was anesthetized and had the procedure. The surgeon was at my bedside when I woke up and both he and his anesthetist were amazed that I was "clean as a whistle" (their words) with NOT A SINGLE polyp in sight. Apparently the symptoms were related to a highly treatable problem that had NOTHING to do with Colon Cancer.

This was the FIRST time in 10 years that I had NO POLYPS and no pre-cancerous growths to be treated. I shared my delight with both Surgeon and his staff and explained that I had been having Ula (Reiki Master) give me Reiki healing treatments for the symptoms and that I KNEW that the Reiki and the healing were tied together...from my own experience with sending Reiki to people (long distance healing) I KNOW it brings healing Light from the Source of ALL healing. Reiki delivers both physical AND mental wellness which includes a sense of calm and peace. My thanks to Ula for her ability to bring, through her efforts, healing to me from the SOURCE of the Light. My surgeon was familiar with Reiki...his wife had a positive experience with it sometime in the past that he acknowledges as "beyond the scope" of his medical experience.

Love & Light to all of you who believe in the power of Reiki. Thanks for letting me share my story''.


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Reiki Story #6


'I can say that my clients are receiving the benefits of the training, most have commented on how intense the reiki has been. One woman said that she couldn't tell where my hands stopped and the heat started, it was as if my hands and the energy were all one and had melted into her body. I can tell that the Tibetan symbols are very powerful and I feel the energy immediately in my hands when I imagine them and chant them.'
- Laura

''One of the first things (after the training) that occurred is that i started to get very tired every day, despite getting sleep. I feel that it is probably because My energies shifted but i was not taking the best care of my self as far as eating healthy and taking vitamins and minerals, that is getting a little better now. At the same time I am more connected to the earth, and the lines of communication between her and i get stronger everyday, its beautiful. I feel like I have become more sensitive to the energies within and around me. i feel like that the energy that courses through me is more magnified, and far reaching. more compassionate and empathic. the magic unfolds everyday and I can keep u posted on the further opening of this flower''.
- Raa'na Jarrahian

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Reiki Story #7


'''The relaxed atmosphere and the eagerness of the students to be a part of this training were a delicious counterpoint. There have been times when my heart was into the Reiki, but my mind held reservations. After experiencing this workshop and the energy shared between the participants, I know that I am a Reiki Healer and want to use more opportunities to share this craft''.
- Tim Shullberg

'Although my training was short, I feel I received so much! It seems to be "turning on" with more practice''.
- Patti O.

'The training exceeded my expectations on all levels. My experience of cleansing was a sense of physical tiredness and desire to have some time to myself to integrate what I was feeling. Yet I was also feeling more open and had ( still have ) a strong sense of change. I continue to experience a sense of living with my energy ( God ) self. I see more of the life flow that I am part of and find myself "getting" that all is as it should be''.
- John

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Reiki Story #8

'Good morning Ula, my name is Ginnie, and I'd like to share something amazing with you, since you are involved.
I'm studying Reiki II. I got involved In order to help cure cancer and lung disease. I also have a bad knee (?). I was in doubt as to weather or not I could truly heal myself. (With the help of others) I haven't been able to bring up my blocks, though now I know that they will be revealed, and arise, as the time is right for them to do so. Anyway, at 5:00 this morning, I was in the process of giving myself a healing, when I received a message. (First one ever that I know of) From beyond, someone or something said: "There's no room for the young Molinda" (or) "Make room for the young Molinda". Well, I had NEVER heard the name, or the concept, or whatever it was. I simply noted that when the healing was over, I would look it up on the computer. So, I typed in Molinda, and up came YOU!!! I don't know where you came from in my healing, I just know that I read your article about healing as a transformation process, and I became very enlightened about it as it pertains to me. I also found links to other healing articles. I will read yours over and over. It helped me understand a lot I just wasn't getting before. I also read your meditation for balancing chakras, and will use that too. I just wanted you to know that you are getting through to people even if you are not aware of it. You helped me to truly believe in Reiki power, and mine too. Thanks.'


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Reiki Story #9

'Over the years Reiki has helped me tremendously with all sorts of issues! Most recently, I have lost two of my closest souls on earth. I use Reiki in the evenings, just before bedtime. I fall asleep with my hands over my heart~ soaking in all the Reiki energy before a peaceful night of rest. I'm surrounded by Love and Light even in my deepest moments of grief. Thank you sooo much for the gift of Reiki~ I am forever grateful! :-) Love, Ann'

'I can offer my experience....I've only been exposed to Reiki through you, and if you'll recall, we had I think 4 sessions together. I had long term back pains and your healing has changed that to where I seldom have back pains and I tell everyone the relief was from your work.

And I have never told you this before, but during those sessions with you, you were doing a full body scan over my back and commented that you felt something was going on with my neck.....I didn't think anything about it at that time, but about one year later I had surgery on my neck because the spinal cord was being compressed, I had bone spurs and cartilage problems in C3, C4 and C6..... I am positive that you detected that problem well in advance....

Of course both of those have given me a happier life without the pain and that contributes to a better life!!! - George'

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Reiki Story #10


'Reiki robie kazdego dnia rano przed rozpoczeciem dnia i uwazam, ze one pozwalaja mi wyciszyc umysl i pozytywnie rozpoczac dzien. Poza tym czuje jak energia reiki balansuje moje zewnetrzne i wewnetrzne ja. W tej chwili czuje duzy spokoj i radosc z tego ze sama moge sobie pomoc w chorobie i bolu oraz oczywiscie innym. To ogromna satysfakcjA! Aha, zawsze rano wyprozniam moje cialo, co dodatkowo oczyszcza moje cialo z toksyn. Poza tym Reiki to Milosc, ktora mozna przekazac sobie i innym wraz z przekazem pozytywnych slow. Polecam !!
W dzisiejszym swiecie pracy i obowiazkow rodzinnych Reiki pomaga mi wejsc w swoja jaskinie, co jest dla mnie ogromnym skarbem w moim zyciu. -

'Co dla mnie zrobilo Reiki przez te 12 lat?
Nie wiem , ale wiem co zrobilo ze mna spotkanie Ciebie na mojej drodze , a moze Ty i Reiki to to samo, przeciez jestes moim nauczycielem, przede wszystkim zmienilo mnie, moj sposob myslenia, pogodzenie sie lub walke w zaleznosci od sytuacji zyciowej , napewno pokory ,ktorej ciagle sie ucze ... no i wiesz cale moje zycie wywrocilo sie do gory nogami, ale w pozytywnym tego slowa znaczeniu,najtrudniejsze bylo pogodzenie sie ze swoimi ulomnosciami, ale i zaakceptowaniem siebie taka jaka jestem.
Osobiscie Reiki dalo mi poczucie bezpieczeñstwa i przekonanie , ze istnieje milosc czysta taka niezglebiona, bez zastanawiania sie skad pochodzi.
Ula mozna bylo by tak wyliczac, ale wiesz ze nie o to chodzi. Mysle ze najwazniejsza rzecza jaka zrozumialam jest to ze my jako osoby robiace Reiki nie mamy na to jak zadziala najmniejszego wplywu , ja osobiscie uwazam ze ja wysylam, a co zrobi z ta energia osoba obdarowana ja nie mam juz na to wplywu i ze zadna walka, szamotanina nic nie zdzialaja.
Nie wiem jakbym sie czula i jaka bym byla osoba bez Reiki, ale wiem ze po cos sie pojawila w moim zyciu i jesli tylko jestem wstanie przeslac Reiki jestem niezmiernie wdzieczna losowi i Tobie ze mnie tego nauczylas.
W moim przypadku Reiki nie koñczyly sie zawsze sukcesem, ale pozwolilo mnie i osobom ktore odeszly, (tak ja mysle), sie z tym pogodzic.
Reiki to cos wiecej niz slowo..... to czysta milosc, przynajmniej dla mnie. 


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