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Guru Dev Singh Khalsa

"Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing art that is based on consciousness that has the capacity to become transcendent, to modify the environment. We don't use tools, we use consciousness.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a very simple system. It is based on the quality of the human consciousness that allows it to become transcendent. Transcendent means that just through your awareness, you can produce an effect in an event, in an object.

We make our own consciousness stable. We recognize there is a space we call the Sacred Space. We relate with that specific space and then by moving our awareness, we modify the relation, and we modify the event in some way.''

- by Guru Dev Singh Khalsa



Sat Nam Rasayan means 'deep relaxation in the True Identity'. It's an ancient healing art which purpose is to serve humanity. Sat Nam Rasayan works on a subtle level thru the awareness where allows the healer to access and balance the five elements (air, earth, ether, fire, water) and the pranic body.

Guru Dev Singh Khalsa studied with Yogi Bhajan and developed the school of Sat Nam Rasayan, to codify and establish a modality for teaching this sacred healing art.

I found that Reiki, Karuna Reiki and other Energy healing I do, works wonderfully with Sat Nam Rasayan. I do not teach Sat Nam Rasayan as I am still a student of this ancient healing art but I do use it with my other energy work. It opens even wider the door to the space I call 'fully enjoying the healing experience' through the awareness. It helps to achieve an increased capacity for work and mental concentration. It helps also to release all expectations about the healing and a healee; release judgment, criticism, prejudices, all should's and should not's. All that will diminish and you will develop more understanding, acceptance, compassion.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a big part of the healing I do. It helped me to understand even more that we are all connected to each other, we are all energy and we can all help each other to be healthier and happier. I call the Healing Space in Sat Nam Rasayan 'The Love Space' and that exactly what this ancient healing is for me - Pure Love and Compassion for all of us.

Sat Nam Rasayan can resolve:
- functional disorders,
- pain in general,
- spiritual and/or mental disorders such as fear, anger, depression.

There are also many references to healers who have eliminated infections, rheumatism, tumors of all kinds.
Sat Nam Rasayan brings more balance, cheerfulness, calmness and peace.

"Amid the swirling, confusing, unfocused energies of the modern world, there is a light, a calm and a healing in the center of All things."

- by Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan