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Moving Meditations

# 1


This exercise is a simple one and it does wonders. Stand up with your feet on the ground, knees gently bent, straight spine, hands forward in the position of hugging a tree… Imagine hugging a tree.

Breathe in - imagine/visualize cosmic energy entering your body, whole your being, every cell, every organ, every though

Breathe out - with that breath out let go off all negativity, negative emotions; feel them leaving your body through your legs, your feet into the ground;

Breathe in - light, beauty, love, joy, grace, kindness... 

Breathe out - negativity, illness, problems, conscious or subconscious - let them go…

Start doing it first for couple of minutes - till about 10 min





Reiki Moving Meditation is a gentle hand movement with the images of Reiki symbols. Amazing exercise that will leave you feeling wonderful, powerful, balanced and very peaceful. It also strengthen your Reiki Energy.

Great exercise to be done before healings and teaching classes.

If you are not a Reiki Practitioner you might also do this exercise and instead of using Reiki symbols you might use some affirmations...few examples are below.

* Stand in a nice gentle position with your legs firmly on the floor, feet gently apart, knees gently bend, straight spine, hands along the body..

* Invite Reiki Energy to enter your body,

* Take your hands up, opposite your heart, palms facing to each other but not touching

* Visualize between your hands Reiki symbol (whichever comes to you first) and say it’s name three times. Feel the energy between your palms, feel the energy in your hands. Breathe in & out

* Move your hands up, pointing the sky, palms facing to each other but not touching. Visualize the same symbol and say it the name three times. Feel the connection with sky. Breathe in

* Gently let your hands go down slowly and while they are moving down, palms down, say the name of the symbol three times. Feel the energy strengthening your aura. Breathe out 

* Move your hands down, palms facing Mother Earth, visualize the symbol going down to Earth from your hands, say the name of it three times and feel the connection with Earth. Breathe in

* Move your hands up to your heart chakra and repeat the exercise at least three times for each symbol, Breathe out

* Remember about breathing in and out - nice, slowly and gently

* After finishing put your hands on your heart chakra and feel that beautiful energy which you just gave yourself!

If you are not using the symbols you might say affirmations:

- when your hands on your hearth chakra,

- when they are connecting you with the sky,

- when they going down clearing your aura,

- when they are down connecting with Earth...

‘I am Love’; ‘I am Joy’; ‘I am in harmony with the whole world’; ‘I feel balanced’; ’I am healthy’ .... whatever you need at this moment to integrate in your life and your body you might say it. Enjoy!