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Japanese Meditations

& Healing Techniques

The following article is about various Japanese Meditation Techniques:

Dr Usui said that Reiki - Ho is based on 4 main things:
1) Five Reiki Principles
2) Gassho
3) Reiji - ho
4) Chiryo


HATSUREI-HO contains the following techniques - Kenyoku, Joshin kokyu-ho, Seishin Toitsu.
More detailed explanation below.
'Hatsu' - means 'to generate' something,
'Rei'- means 'spirit, soul, energy, ki'
'Ho' - means 'method'
Hatsurei-ho when used in the meetings it's called SHUYO-HO.
Hatsurei-ho is a method for helping us to enhance our energy channel and spiritual growth.

Kihon shisei - Sit in a Japanese style (Sei Za), it's a standard meditation posture, sitting on your knees with the back straight and hands on your thighs (or sit on a chair).
Relax and close your eyes. Focus onto Hara-line (below navel).

Mokunen - means to tell something to your subconscious mind- in this case that you are going to perform the Hatsurei method.

Kenyoku-Ho - 'ken - dry, yoku - bath', a great method for cleansing yourself before and after each treatment, disconnecting ones energy from others as well as strengthen your own energy, dry bathing or clearing ones energy field.
(It is done by Shinto priests at some ceremonies to clear/purify body and spirit.
According to some resources - originally the brushing was only from wrist to tips of fingers,
The brushing of the arms from shoulder to hand is an addition by H. Doi)

1) Place your right hand on your left shoulder with palm gently touching your shoulder.
2) In a smooth & gentle motion slide the hand down to the right hip - while breathing out (Haa sound)
3) Repeat the process on the right side, using the left hand sliding down toward the left hip.
4) Repeat once or twice more on each side. Always breathe out when sliding down - Haa sound
5) Now - place the right hand on the edge of the left shoulder and slide the hand down the left arm all the way to the fingertips. Left arm is straight and at your side.
6) Place the left hand on the edge of the right shoulder and slide the hand down the right arm all the way to the fingertips while right arm is straight and at your side.
7) Repeat it once or twice with both hands.
8) Put your hands on the lap.

Joshin Koki-Ho - 'jo-upper, shin - body, ko- exhale, kyuu - inhale, kokyuu - breathe' - a breathing technique to strengthen the energy; not recommended for people with high blood pressure, heart problems, asthma etc...This is a very powerful practice so built the strength over time.It's a purifying the mind breath method.
- Calmly breath in and out through the nose with pure thoughts, breathe naturally in the relaxed manner.

1) Breathe in through the nose Reiki Energy. Imagine Reiki coming down thought the top of your head and spreading everywhere in your body.
2) Breathe out and imagine that all the tension is leaving your body and you are becoming more relaxed.
3) Breathe in Reiki Energy.
4) Breathe out using the long 'H-a-a' sound. Imagine the light which is now in your body, is emanating out from your body and spreading into infinity.
5) Allow yourself to become calm and one with light.

Gassho meditation
This meditation is with your hands in Gassho position (hands at the chest in Praying or Namaste position which is the same as Gassho. Typical Gassho position will not touch the chest but will be few inches from your body). Keep your focus on the point where the two middle fingers come together. Allow the peaceful energy flow with each breath.

Seishin Touitsu - to concentrate the mind,

1) Now you are fully in touch with Reiki.
2) As you breathe in, imagine that Reiki light now is coming through your both hands and moving into Heart center.
3) As you breathe out, imagine that the light is emanating from you through the hands while Reiki light remains within your body.
4) Your attention should remain on the hand breathing.
(In a group setting Reiji is performed during this part.)

Brings the hands back on the laps and silently say your subconscious mind that you have finished Hatsurei-Ho.
Open your eyes slowly and take your time to get up until you will be fully awake.


(check this regularly as I will write more about those techniques)

Reiki Mawashi - 'mawashi - current', means Reiki Circle or Circulation and it's a Japanese method of sharing Reiki in the circle.

1) Everyone in the group form a circle.
2) Raise hands above calling Reiki in and feeling it's vibration in the body.
3) Right hand placing down, left hand placing up - holding hands of the person next to them.
4) Hands don't need to touch.
5) Allow Reiki to flow counter-clockwise - you receiving Reiki by your left up hand and giving to the person beside you from your right hand at the same time.
6) You might also notice that the circle starts to move in the direction of energy flow.
7) Gassho, thanks and finish. Shake your hands well.
8) Another way of doing Reiki Mawashi/Reiki Udno is placing hands on each other shoulders and let Reiki Energy flow that way.

Reiki Undo - 'undo - movement' - introduced by Mrs. Koyama, the sixth president of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. It helps to learn to listen to own body's needs and activates the body's inherent self healing abilities;
1) hands on the back of each other in the circle (sometimes it's also called Reiki Mawashi)

Reiji-ho - 'rei - spirit, ji - show, ho - method', indication of Reiki, calling guides; do it before the treatment;developing your intuition,
1) Gassho, let Reiki flow in your body;
2) pray for the healing and well-being of the client for the Highest Good;
3) still in gassho position take the hands up to upper hara, the 3rd eye and ask Reiki to guide your hands to 'go' wherever they are needed;
4) while doing reiji, you might hear some messages, see pictures etc where to put your hands and where Reiki is most needed.

Rejio - attunements

Chiryo - 'chiryo - treatment', using intuition and the awareness of energy as Usui used to do it.

Enkaku Chiryo - 'enkaku - sending/distant, chiryo - treatment', Usui used the photographs for distant healing; on the back of them he used to write name of the treated person, date of birth, if he knew that person he also wrote the profession, if he didn't know - he asked to write about that person as much as possible; the address, the relationship to the one who want the healing to be done etc...Use your own intuition for creating new ways of distant treatment.

Heso Chiryo - Ho - 'heso - navel, chiryo - treatment', a technique for relaxation & balance; middle finger of right hand on the navel, push it gently and let Reiki flow through that finger to your navel; the other hand on the lower back. Keep the position for few minutes. Navel in the East is the sit of consciousness.

Byosen Scanning - 'byo - sick, sen - line' - checking where the client needs Reiki; can be done for oneself and for others.

Gyoshi ho - sending Reiki through the eyes,

Koki ho - 'koki - exhale air, ho - method' - breathing Reiki into the needed area;
1) breathe in Reiki through your crown chakra;
2) draw, in your mind, the first symbol and while putting it under the roof of your mouth, say its mantra three times;
3) breathe out and blow Reiki on the client's body part which you want to treat, visualizing the symbol and its energy going to that part.
This method can be also used for oneself and for distant healing.

Jacki-kiri Joka-ho - 'jakki - negative, kirito - cut, joka - cleansing' - a method of transforming negative energy into positive. Use this only for objects but not for living beings.
1) breathe in - let Reiki flow in your body (if the object is small you might hold it on your hand),
2) hold the breath - cut the negative energy using one of the hand; do it in three short strokes motion over the object,
3) breathe out, relax,
4) breathing normally charge the object with Reiki. It can be done for crystals, furniture, house, used things etc...

Shu Chu Reiki - 'shu - gathering, chu - center, shu chu - concentration', 'putting everything into one spot', this technique is practiced in a group or at a Reiki meeting. All group members send energy to one group member wishing and praying for their happiness and health.

BEAMING - developed by William Rand; treating the whole body and aura from the distant using distant symbol and imaging your hands beaming Reiki to a client you want to treat



'Modern Reiki Method for healing' by Hiroshi Doi
'Japanese Reiki Techniques Workshop' - video with Frank Arjava Petter & Chetna Kobyashi