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by Ula Moleda

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This meditation when its used on a regular basis, will be a great tool to increase your awareness of the relationship between your mind and body, unite them and in so doing create balance and harmony in your life. By cleansing, unblocking, balancing your chakras and enhancing your life-force energy flow in your body you will improve your health and well-being.

Chakras are energy centers which exist in our subtle body. Each one holds certain types of energy, different vibration with different colors. By placing your hands over them, visualizing and repeating certain affirmations, you will open them up in a healthy way to receive loving, healing energy and to have even more joy, happiness, love, peace and anything you desire to have in your life.


  • Find a nice and quiet place where no one will disturb you for about 45 minutes.
  • Now... sit in your favorite meditative pose with your back straight or lie down and close your eyes.
  • Breath slowly & deeply in and out, in and out, in and out...
  • As you inhale imagine life-force energy entering your body, hold the breath for a second and feel that energy is flowing to every cell, every tissue in your body. As you exhale feel the tension, the negative emotions, not empowering thoughts releasing, letting go of them... let it go, let it go...- focus within yourself
  • You will work through each chakra, holding your hands over the area for about three minutes each.
  • As you hold your hands over your chakras, imagine connecting with life-force energy from the universe, see, feel, know the bright light coming to your body through the top of your head and feel it flowing into your chakras, and your body, feel the warmth, and peace...and relax, and relax...

NOTE: If you are Reiki practitioner use Reiki energy to balance your chakras and if you know symbols use the Power Symbol to empower this exercise, to balance and protect you. Imagine the power symbol (or any symbol you are drown to) on each flower, on each chakra during this meditation. You might use the pictures of flowers with affirmations for each chakra. Imagine those flowers opening up on your chakras - one after the other. Nicely and slowly - take your time to say slowly in your mind the affirmations for each chakra and really feel the energy flow in each chakra and whole your body.


  • Imagine that from that white flower which is on the top of your head beautiful white energy is spreading around you and covering you like a coat. This is your energy coat to protect you when you finish this meditation. This stops unwanted energies attaching to you and disrupting the flow, but it also give you a sense of security. It's done with visualization.
  • Slowly take few deep breaths, move your toes, move your fingers, your legs and hands, bring your conscious to your eyes and slowly open them and come back to the room knowing that all those beautiful qualities you open your body, mind and spirit for will stay with you for ever.

To learn more about chakras please see my article:

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Testimonial: 'I bought the Chakra Balancing Meditation CD from you years back when you were in Long Beach CA . I just want you to know that it is the best and i'm really happy to have it.When i feel a bit stressed or overwhelmed i just listen to it and do what you say to do and i feel so much better. I know that if i was listening to it everyday i would get an immense health benefit . This is priceless. I highly recommend it to everybody . I'm glad that we crossed paths.. Jacqueline'




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