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What is
Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki can be performed either in person or at a distance. Distance Reiki Healing (DRH) is where the person who is receiving the healing (called the Receiver) and the person who is sharing/channeling/sending Reiki energy (the Practitioner) are separated geographically by distance. This distance might be in the next room, the next city or as far as on the other continent. Distance is irrelevant as there is no difference in the flow and benefit of Reiki Energy.

During a distant Reiki session the Reiki Practitioner concentrates on a 'witness' from the Receiver which might be a signature, a photograph, or even only the name of the Receiver.

Reiki is an intelligent energy, which 'knows' where to go without Practitioner's focusing on the patient's issue. It is also believed that during the treatment the Receiver's body 'take' the necessary healing energy and distributes it according to its needs. So 'overdosing' or transmitting the 'bad' energy during the Reiki Treatments is not possible. It is one of the safest healing methods - noninvasive and very loving in its' nature.

Distant healing is not usually performed as a one-time healing. Most of Practitioners stated that they tend to work with people over a period of time, often few weeks. In an effort to bring the scientific approach in line with this "community standard," some researchers then propose that a study of distant healing should involve people with an incurable disease such as AIDS, cancer, and that the treatment should occur over at least two months, also that many healers be involved.

Below are a few examples of explaining the distant healing by some of authors of healing books.

'The Mystique of Healing'' by Bob Bloomfield

'There can be, surely, only one true source of healing energy and that is nature itself; but we all have our philosophies, our religions, our beliefs or lack of them. There are many terms applied to the ultimate source of healing, the 'power'... God, Mother Nature, the Cosmic Source, the Life Force, Christ Light. Call it what you will - it is there! It does not really matter what your religious, philosophical or semantic approach to the question might be.

One of the least ambiguous and probably most acceptable general definitions used to explain healing to Receivers, is that put forward by Bill Day, a distinguished member of the Kent Healers' Association. He says, very simply, 'Healing consist in linking up the natural healing power within your (the Receiver's) body with the healing power of god. The 'healer' is the link. By attuning himself both to you (the Receiver) and to the healing power, s/he serves as the channel through which the Divine energies can flow''.

'REIKI - A Unique Art of Healing' by Sukhdeepak Malvai

'We know that not every thought we send out automatically reaches intended recipient and, likewise, its not sufficient to just send someone Reiki in our thoughts, either. Instead, we have to use a technique which functions as perfectly as calling someone up on the telephone. When we do this, it does not matter that who receives the call. So long as the correct number is dialed, the telephone will ring at the place of right Receiver. This had nothing to do with magic. The laws of physics, which enable us to make telephone calls today were also in existence during ancient times and had simply not yet been discovered and put to use by people of that age. The natural laws also exists which enable us to transfer Life Force Energy over a long distance, and, even though they have not yet been discovered and confirmed by modern day science, but exist. Moreover, there have always been people who were aware that they existed, people who have developed methods for making successful use of them. The Reiki method of absentee healing is based on these laws and the key to them, which was discovered by Dr Usui, can be learned in Second Degree Reiki. To keep our example of the telephone, it's necessary, however to know all the natural laws responsible for this phenomenon to be able to make use of it for the benefit of mankind''...

'Reiki The Healing Touch' First and Second Degree Manual by William Lee Rand

'The Japanese name of this symbol (the Distant Healing Symbol which is taught during the Second Reiki Degree Training) means 'May the Buddha in me connect with the Buddha in you to promote harmony and peace.' This is similar to the term, 'Namaste' which is used as a blessing. It is based on the reality that the same divine consciousness or 'Buddha nature' is in us all. This symbol is used to send Reiki to others at a distance. You can send Reiki to people across the room, across the town, or even in other parts of the country or the world. Distance is no barrier when using this symbol. Sometimes a picture of the client is used in conjunction with the symbol.'