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Yoga for Chakra Balancing

by Ula Moleda / Reiki Therapist and Teacher
There are seven major power center in our body called Chakras. The state of each chakra reflects the health of certain area of our body - our psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. There are so many different therapies which are shown to balance, energize, heal and profoundly affect our state of mind and health. The knowledge of chakras, what they represent and how we can help to sustain the healthy flow of energy in them will help you to choose the right therapy for yourself. Chakra healing maintains the natural balance of the body and the flow of life energy. It helps us also to understand the creative energy brought by each chakra into our lives, the imbalances and areas which needs to be healed or/and improved. I would like to share with you few Hatha yoga postures here which might be very helpful for the chakra healing. You might start with simple postures (asanas) in your home which will help you to keep flexible body, present mind, and joyful soul. I will show you few postures for each chakra and the benefit of practicing them. When you practice those certain asanas please keep your mind fully present with what your body is doing - become one and whole.
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