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The Healing





10th of May 2009                    


Namaste Friends,

I would love to share with you few interesting articles and links about healing art.

1 - I would like to invate you to check an event which is now organized in Haridwar, India - Free Plastic Surgery Camp. Similar events are organized around the world. I was honored to be part of this amazing & magical work. ...just being...nothing more...nothing less...reiki was flowing & my heart was full of joy to see that so many people will get another chance in their life. To see the smile, hope and joy in the eyes of people after the surgery was the most beautiful reward.

If you would like to read more please click on this website: PROGRAMS - PLASTIC SURGERY CAMPS

2 - William Lee Rand response...

This is a response of William Lee Rand ( to a committee of Catholic bishops who wrote a statement saying that Reiki is based on superstition and Catholic’s shouldn’t use it. More specifically, they said it shouldn’t be used in Catholic hospitals, health care centers or by Catholic chaplains. To read his response please click here: 

3. Controlling your Emotions

 It's important to be true to yourself and honest with your emotions. There are moments, however, that I would like to be in control of my emotions and not vice versa. One of the techniques I use was shared with me by my partner Allan. He said:

''When you communicate, you always feel the emotion of the words you use.
Change the word and you change how you feel.
By changing the words we use, we automatically change how we feel.
ex: "I am PIS.... OFF at .." makes me feel angry
but changing it to "I am TINKLED ..." immediately changes how I feel. Control your words you use and you will control how you feel'.

4. - Fun and creative healing method called Matrix Energetics Healing

is just around the corner. Dr. Richard Bartlet, the originator and teacher of Matrix Energetics makes his classes fun and powerful. To check the classes of this healing art please click here:

May you be blesses with Love, Light, Happiness, Health