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The Healing





10th of May 2008                

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Namaste Beautiful Friends,

I would love to share with you work of Caroline Myss in this newsletter.

Caroline Myss (, great intuive healer and an amazing writer has got many hours of healing videos, teaching, workshops on her website. She also orgonized through CMED's monthly Salon the Healing Work and the theme of one of them is 'The Call to be a Healer and the Call to be Healed', which explores the position that a person is equally called to the task of being a healer as well as to the challenge of being healed.

She asked questions such as: When, in fact, does your healing begin? How much can you realistically influence your healing? Can you influence cosmic decisions? What are your expectations? What are the three dominant patterns of self-sabotage that you will have to confront as you introduce into your life a commitment/devotion to healing that will inevitably empower your life?

You may join the Healing Work on her website.

 I also would love to share with you a great book of soul-searching, self-examinations, deep inner talk and exercises as well as meditations - very beautiful work of Caroline Myss 'Entering the Castle - An Inner Path To God And Your Soul'.
I have to admit that I had that book for some time and didn't feel that there is a right time to I didn't:) and now the time came and I can not put the book down. It is a deep work, sometimes exhausting but very, very rewarding.
There is a link to beautiful meditations from the book and summery of the book.

Wishing you all the best on your path
with Love and Light
and lots of Joy