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Reiki Sharing Updates
March 2, 2004

With Love & Light Ula Moleda


The main purpose of our DRH project is to share Reiki with others who cannot get direct hands-on Reiki Treatments. Reiki Practitioners while sharing DRH will "hold the intention for the health and well-being of the Person for the highest good of all concerned". A Reiki Practitioners will perform the healing for 21 days, 7 days a week, for about 15 minutes. The Receiver will be asked to lie down during that time and relax - for at least half an hour.
You will find much more on this project as well as on DRH study and research on my website under - Articles - Distant Reiki.
All Reiki Practitioners are so welcome to take part in this project! Let's shine the Light!


‘A true compassion is loving all the time’ – Proverb


Level I - March 6th (THIS Saturday)
Level II - March 7th (THIS Sunday)
Time - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m


MARCH 21st,2004 (Sunday)
Time - 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


You are the Master - Master of Love, Light, Peace and Joy!
Do not hesitate to take this Training and learn one of the greatest gifts for sharing joy, peace and healing – how to pass Reiki attunements and share with others this beautiful healing art.
The Master Teacher Training may take place every second weekend of each month. Please let me know in advanced (at least couple of weeks before) if you are interested taking this Training as an exercise will be given for those planning to take Reiki III/Master training.

(for more details about the Trainings please check my website below)
Let me know if you are interested to join us for any of those Reiki Trainings!


I would like to say very special Thanks to
Mary Gillialand, Angela Rowe and Larry Schaumburg
for being at the St Mary's Hospital during the Healthy Heart Fair on Feb 21st, 2004 and for sharing Reiki Healing with many people there!
Thank you so much guys! And also special Thanks to Larry for conducting the meditation and yoga lectures! Thank you all for being there and blessing people with your Love!


Date - Every WEDNESDAY
Time - 7pm - 8.30pm, Long Beach


Date - On Saturday, March 13th, 2004
(and every second Saturday of the month)
Place - at the World Evolution Yoga Center
Long Beach, 2038 E 4th Street, at Cherry

This is a great workshop for anyone who would like to experience Reiki Healing and learn more about this healing art for a first time.
During the second hour:
– channeling Reiki and awakening the Healer Within for hands-on and distant healing.
Please bring the photo of someone who you think might benefit from Reiki Distant Healing.


Nothing will change in your world until you assume the personal
responsibility required to change. The world is a mirror: we get from life
not what we want but who we are. As you reach deep into yourself, explore
your most authentic values, articulate what you want to make of life and
then set about manifesting these outcomes (while creating extraordinary
value for the people around you), your life will begin to work at levels you
never could have imagined. You can change your life in a moment: the moment
you make a choice-from the deepest place within you-to stop playing small
with your life and walk towards your fears. You deserve to awaken your best
self. You deserve a life of joy, fulfillment and abundance. You deserve to
be a star.

As I’ve written in my new book ''Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who
Sold His Ferrari'', the world is experiencing a shift in consciousness. More
people than ever are refusing to settle for anything less than personal
greatness. More people than ever are opening their hearts and standing for
compassion in their communities. More people than ever are devoting
themselves to excellence and realizing the fullness of their potential. This
is what leadership is all about. Yes, people may not understand you as you
speak your truth, live with an open heart and reach for the extraordinary.
Leaders, by definition, are those who stray from the crowd and do things
differently. I know you are a dreamer. I know you want the best from life.
And I know you want to make a difference. For this I salute you.

7 Ways To Play Your Highest Game As A Human Being
1. Constantly be asking yourself the following question: "How can I deliver
extraordinary value to my clients, teammates and all the people who
intersect my life?"
2. Remember that at the end of your life, what you will most regret are the
words left unspoken and deeds left undone.
3. Your associations shape your thinking. If you want greater prosperity,
associate with people who are at that level. If you need greater passion,
surround yourself with like-minded people.
4. Discipline is one of the golden threads of elite performance. Start off
small by tiny acts of greatness. All dreams begin with simple, little acts.
5. Spend 30 minutes each day with your eyes closed. Become a dreamer again.
Write the blueprint of your ideal life on your imagination. Then use it to
manifest it on the outside.
6. Talk about what you want to become. Putting a voice to your commitments
gives them power.
7. Leave a legacy. Success is wonderful. Significance is even better.

Check also 200 Life Lessons on Robin's website!


This Meditation when its used on a regular basis, will be a great tool to increase your awareness of the relationship between your mind and body, unite them and in so doing create balance and harmony in your life. The cleansing, unblocking and balancing of the chakras will enhance the life-force energy flow in your body, improving your health and well-being. By placing your hands over them, visualizing and repeating certain affirmations, you will open them up in a healthy way to receive loving, healing energy and to have even more joy, happiness, love, peace and anything you desire to have in your life. If you have problem with sleep - that will be a great help. Reiki Practitioners might use Reiki Energy and Reiki Symbols to empower this meditation. Total Playing Time-39.20
15.00 OR 10.00 (during the classes and workshops).