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Reiki Sharing Updates
December 16, 2004

With Love & Light Ula Moleda


Namaste Friends,

I was very excited about my trip to Long Beach, seeing people who mean a lot in my life, sharing the Reiki Knowledge during the Trainings, having some fun in the place I called ‘Home’’. And it was once again a real blessing to see you All in Long Beach and to be in your presence. Also to meet new people and having the privilege to share our experiences. And even feel the presence and healing from people I had no chance to see this time, which I am sorry about. I trust that our paths will cross again soon! I also trust that Reiki Training was a beautiful experience not only for me -
There was so much love, so much healing energy, openness and compassion that honestly
speaking, it could be even overwhelming.
I hope all of you who did take the training did also took some time to relax and let the energy make the adjustments in the body.
I would love to share with you few stories from Reiki Practitioners/Masters/Teachers - you see on the photo.

‘I can say that my clients are receiving the benefits of the training, most have commented on how intense the reiki has been. One woman said that she couldn't tell where my hands stopped and the heat started, it was as if my hands and the energy were all one and had melted into her body. I can tell that the Tibetan symbols are very powerful and I feel the energy immediately in my hands when I imagine them and chant them.’

''One of the first things (after the training) that occurred is that i started to get very tired every day, despite getting sleep. I feel that it is probably because My energies shifted but i was not taking the best care of my self as far as eating healthy and taking vitamins and minerals, that is getting a little better now. At the same time I am more connected to the earth, and the lines of communication between her and i get stronger everyday, its beautiful. I feel like I have become more sensitive to the energies within and around me. i feel like that the energy that courses through me is more magnified, and far reaching. more compassionate and empathic. the magic unfolds everyday and I can keep u posted on the further opening of this flower''.
Raa'na Jarrahian

‘''The relaxed atmosphere and the eagerness of the students to be a part of this training were a delicious counterpoint. There have been times when my heart was into the Reiki, but my mind held reservations. After experiencing this workshop and the energy shared between the participants, I know that I am a Reiki Healer and want to use more opportunities to share this craft''.
Tim Shullberg

‘Although my training was short, I feel I received so much! It seems to be "turning on" with more practice’’.
Patti O.

‘The training exceeded my expectations on all levels. My experience of cleansing was a sense of physical tiredness and desire to have some time to myself to integrate what I was feeling. Yet I was also feeling more open and had ( still have ) a strong sense of change. I continue to experience a sense of living with my energy ( God ) self. I see more of the life flow that I am part of and find myself "getting" that all is as it should be’’.
Love, John

I would like to wish you All the most loving and beautiful Christmas and a very Happy, Full of Positive Changes and Adventures New Year.
With all my Love and Light


There are few new things on my sites I trust you might enjoy it.

One of them is REIKI LINEAGE. It is a Reiki Lineage Tree starting from Dr Usui (even though we know that Reiki is much older than that but Dr Usui put the knowledge and empowerment together into one system). To find more - please go to
Click on ABOUT REIKI and then on REIKI LINEAGE

Another one is about many Different Systems and Reiki Schools we are having now in the world. My research is still in progress so that list is not finished and might never be as new systems are continue to be created. Yet, because there is a lot of confusion about systems, symbols, what should be taught etc I thought that this list will give a little bit more understanding and acceptance.
To find more - please go to

I also put together Photo Gallery to show my appreciation to my family, friends, the world I have seen.
To find more - please go to
Click on ABOUT ME and then on PHOTO GALLERY
Go to

Those beautiful symbols, I have used for this Newsletter, are creation of Tim Shullberg – Thank you Tim!
If you would like to find more about them please write to Tim at

Please contact me if you don't want to receive Reiki Newsletters any more. Thank you!!!!



I am starting to have Reiki Trainings all Levels as well as other classes in Redmond. For details please check Events – Workshops and Trainings as well as Complete Calendar for the dates and times.
Together with Reiki Trainings I put couple of new classes – please see them below and feel free to share it with anyone you feel might benefit from it.
Always with Love and Light for the Highest Good.


Date: Every First Thursday of Month
Time: 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Place: Redmond, WA 98052
Contact: or (425) 605 3565
Cost: $25

This class is a perfect introductory for anyone who never heard of chakras as well as for everyone who use or would like to use the chakra knowledge on their healing field. You will learn about our Energy Body, Chakras and their meaning in your personal journey. You will discover how your own chakras
work and how you can improve and balance them.
We will also have time for hands on practice and self-diagnosis.


Date: Every First Saturday of Month
Time: 9:30am – 5:00 pm (bring your own lunch)
Place: Redmond, WA 98052
Contact: or (425) 605 3565
Cost: $120 (including Reiki I Degree Certificate & Manual)

Strengthen your power and awareness for self-healing as you learn
- body psychology, how & where we store the pain and stress in our body,
- an amazing power of conscious breathing which brings peace in your body, mind, emotions, & release the pain,
-visualization, beginner’s meditation, chakras healing, simple energy healing technique called Reiki
This class will provide you with many practical tips and techniques to help you manage stress, let go of pain, maintain your energy level and fully enjoy happy & abounded life.
You will get many new Personal Tools for Transformation and Haling Yourself.
Reiki Healing For Yourself is a part of this class so you will be initiated to it through an ancient Tibetan attunement and get the Reiki I Degree Certificate at the end of the class.


This story is from a woman who speaks of her experience with illness from Judith Duerk’s great book ‘CIRCLE OF STONES – WOMAN’S JOURENY TO HERSELF’.

‘Part of what kept me in the professional world for so long was fear of what my women friends would say if I quit. They were all successful in their fields and disapproved copping out for any reason. When they were sick, they were worse than any male boss in expecting themselves to overcome…like drill sergeants…even with their children.

How harmful is the old slogan ‘look like a woman, think like a man, work like a horse’. We expect ourselves always to be Amazons, with all the emphasis an achieving, on appearing ‘all right’, rather than on the basic stuff of life…the sense of protectedness and safety, the warmth, nurture, caring that we all so desperately need.

I was most afraid of what my mother would say. She hadn’t had the educational opportunity she wanted. I despaired being a failure in her eyes or the eyes of my women friends. I solved the problem for myself by getting cancer.

It wasn’t that I needed a free afternoon occasionally, as friends suggested. My whole life had to change. It needed to be claimed for myself…all of it…I needed to stop living my life in bondage, stealing furtive moments here and there to be.

My fear of not being seen as successful died hard. Only when I was faced, a second time, with losing my life, could I begin to care for it and for my right to live it enough to really claim it…to really claim it for myself in ways I didn’t know anything about, at first. Every part of my life had to change…most importantly, the way I treated myself.

……..In that earlier life I was always proving, proving that I could. It is as if my cells couldn’t stand the way I was living. They demanded that my whole life change. I see how separated I was from myself! I didn’t know any more what I needed or how to live. I took myself completely for granted and assumed I knew, like a mother sometimes treats her child, thinking she is a wonderful mother, assuming she knows what’s best, never giving the child time enough to feel or choose or speak.

At first I just sat around in a state of shock, staring at the wall. There wasn’t energy for anything but the special diet and what needed to be done right then to stay alive…..

…..I began to take care of my body, my tired cells, and I slept. I let myself sleep, for the first time in my adult life. Sometimes, when the old guilt would nag me, I would imagine the voice of a kindly old nurse I once knew saying, ‘There, there, dear. You just wrap yourself up in this old quilt and have a nap’. And I did, in front of the fireplace, lying in the winter sun.

Now I take walks and sit in the garden. Now there is time. I listen to my inner child and my outer little girl. They are both happier. Now we all may live.’’


I would like to share this month new view on chakras from Caroline Myss latest book. This book is a wonderful reminder of who we are, what our needs and desires are, how we connect with each other and how we actually can empower each other – invisibly. Beautiful stories written by hundreds of people from all over the Planet.
Caroline also puts more light on why we feel like giving, helping, talking to others and connects that with our seven energies centers called chakras.

Adopted from Caroline Myss’s newest book ‘Invisible Acts of Power’:

‘Here is how acts of service correspond to energies of the chakras, with physical help
corresponding to the first chakra:
CHAKRA ONE: the Root Chakra:
Gifts of the Earth – Food and Shelter
CHAKRA TWO: the Energy of Self-Protection:
Gifts of Survival – Financial and Creative Support
Gifts of Self-Esteem – Unconditional Support, Friendship, Personal Dignity
CHAKRA FOUR: the Heart Chakra:
Gifts of the Heart – Kindness, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion
CHAKRA FIVE: the Energy of Determination:
Gifts of Will – Courage and Guidance
CHAKRA SIX: the Energy of Rational Thought:
Gifts of the Mind – Wisdom and Optimism
CHAKRA SEVEN: the Center of Higher Consciousness:
Gifts of the Spirit – Angels in Disguise and Good Samaritans

Everything you do consciously is an invisible act of power.’