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Reiki Sharing Updates
August 11, 2004

With Love & Light Ula Moleda


Dear Friends -
I trust Life is treating you all well which I wish you from the bottom of my heart.
As many of you might know I have moved from sunny California to beautifully green Redmond - nice, quiet and small town in Washington State. After being here for about 3 months I have decided to spend some time with my family and friends and I am flying to Poland today and will be back in States at the end of September.
I would love to leave you with more information about our Reiki Trainings, all levels in Long Beach
in November, few of my recent articles (you will find all that below and/or on my website) as well as recommendation to check out a really good book ''The other 90%" by Robert K.Cooper. ''Drawing from the latest research in neuroscience, performance, psychology, and work physiology, R C shows how to find and use the 90 % of our capacity and brainpower...He talks about Four Keystones: Trust, Energy, Farsightedness, Nerve and that the most exciting breakthroughs
will come not from advances in technology but from a deeper realization of what it means to be most human and alive''.
When I am away I might not be much on the internet so please do not send me huge files. If you would like to contact me please use my email address.

I wish you all a wonderful Summer full of blessings -
With Love, Light and Joy
'' We are shaped and guided by what we love'' - Goethe


There are seven major power center in our body called Chakras. Chakras is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel or disc’. Each of those centers correlates to our endocrine system which mediates the intimate relationship of body and mind – emotions such as love or hate, anger, rage or grief reflect hormonal activity. A severe shock or tragedy upsets the whole system and can cause illness. In addition the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, colors, sounds, developmental stages of life, planets and much more.
There are so many different therapies which are shown to balance, energize, heal and profoundly affect our state of mind and health. I would like to share with you few hatha yoga postures here which might be very helpful for the chakra healing. You might start with simple postures (asanas) in your home which will help you to keep flexible body, present mind, and joyful soul.

Please check my website for the rest of this article. articles



Life is a healing process. Every experience you have, every person you meet is a part of that process. Whether you feel great about yourself or you feel down – all that is part of an healing experience. If you feel great about your life keep this positive energy high and still. Keep your spirit in the present as much as you can and create your dreams. However, there are times in our life when we do not have the clarity of making decisions, where we don’t listen to our body and let the body talk to us in language of illness and disease.
Times, where we don’t know how to move forward or don’t have the strength and the courage to do so.
That’s the time where we do need to stop for a while and honestly look at ourselves.
The time of illness, the time of confusion, the time of feeling ‘’stuck’’ – it’s the time we need to be Thankful for because that time gives us a great opportunity to actually look at ourselves, to look
at our life and ask – Am I happy living like that for another five, ten, twenty years?
Am I happy with myself? Am I creating or co-creating my dreams? Am I living the life I desire and deserve? What stops me to be what I want to be? What holds me back? What my body is trying to tell me by developing this illness? What do I need to change if change at all? Why am I dis-powering myself? Do I really want to be empowered person and live good life? Isn’t easer to play a role of victim, ‘poor me’, ‘no one never understood me’, ‘why me?” life? Self-pity attitude can be very addictive...

Please check my website for the rest of this article. articles


November 13 & 14, Long Beach

Requested - Reiki Training Level II

The Reiki Master/Teacher Training
-November 13 & 14, 2004
-10 am – till about 5pm (with one hour lunch break) Long Beach (I will let you know the address one month before the training).
The Training will take place Only if there will be at least 4 Reiki Practitioners/Students.

I’d love to ask everyone who is going to take our November Reiki Master/Teacher Training:
-to bring with you 7 crystals (they all can be different gemstones ), two empty identical bottles (glass or plastic is fine) and a small teddy bear (only if you can and feel like),
-to pay $50 deposit by check by September 27th 2004 (payable to Urszula Moleda) and send to my new address:
15817 NE 90 St, H360
Redmond, WA 98052
(fully refundable when there is less than 4 students. The Training will be cancelled in such case.),

Special Offer – If you pay for the Reiki Master/Teacher Training before September 27th
Save $50 and pay only $300.


If you are interested in taking Reiki Training level I and/or II in November 11 (Level I) & 12 (Level II) or 15 (Level I ) & 16 (Level II) please let me know and pay the deposit of $50 to Urszula Moleda
(the address above). If for any reason the Training will not take place the payment is fully refundable.

For more details please see Events/Workshops & Training or

If you can rent the place for the weekend of November 13-14 for the Reiki Training or know any place which can be rented please let me know. Thank you so much!

May Love, Peace and Joy always be with you all.

REIKI RETREAT from William Lee Rand

Reiki Retreat
September 3-6
Labor Day Weekend
Rock Hill, New York
Catskill Mountains

Cost - about $400.00
This includes food, lodging and all miniworkshops.
Walter Lübeck, William Lee Rand, Laurelle Shanti Gaia, Michael Arthur Baird, Ulla Suokko, Beth Simmons Stapor,
Barbara McKell, Pam and Don McMahon

This is going to be a fantastic experience! Reiki people will be coming from all over the country and from other parts of the world! Socializing, sharing Reiki, meditating, attending workshops and dining together offers the opportunity to make new friends and exchange Reiki stories and techniques with really wonderful people.

Come to our Reiki retreat! Last year we had 250 friendly and enthusiastic Reiki people who represented many of the various lineages and schools of Reiki from around the country including some students from other parts of the world. It's a great experience to be with so many healers and to exchange hugs, Reiki sessions and healing stories.

I look forward to seeing you at the retreat.

Love and blessings,
William Lee Rand