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by Ula Moleda

We live very fast life with really high and non stop changing technology. With the influence of television, computers, video games etc many of our skills such as intuition, telepathy, instinct, trust in our own wisdom and many others have drifted back to our subconscious. We often turn to TV, newspapers, media to tell us what to think, what to believe, who to like or dislike, what to eat, where to go, what to wear etc. Instead of just looking outside at the sky, feeling the wind, looking at birds, listen to our intuition, we tend to turn to TV and wait for a weather forecast and let them decide whether to take an umbrella with us to work or not, whether to stay at home or go for a walk.

However, to make balanced and healthy decisions, to live an even more joyful, happy and purposeful life you may need to get back to your roots. You may need to spend more time with yourself to learn about yourself and find out your soul's gifts and talents and develop them, and grow them as the most beautiful and precious flowers you love, and trust in them and in yourself. Taking the time to develop these inner powers, these talents can help prevent a great deal of pain and suffering in your life. It will make the life's lessons more smoother and deeper. To trust yourself - your inner abilities will help you to walk on your life's path without being depended on or to rely only on external sources to tell you who you are or what you have to do. To trust yourself will help you to understand that you are your own teacher, your own guru, your own guide. You will find the power in taking responsibility of your life. No more blaming. No more giving away your inner strength, your power, your joy and responsibility for creating the most happy; worthy of living life.

You are the creator. You are the healer. You are whatever you want to be. With developing your soul's gifts and the trust in yourself - in your inner guide-teacher-healer, you will find your personal truth and the light which you will share with others. When you begin to awaken your inner powers it might be challenging at the beginning. With time, however, you will develop more and more trust in your own inner abilities and your ride will be smoother and much more pleasurable as you will learn how to deal with old/new challenges in a peaceful way. Happiness is not an absence of difficulties but your inner confidence that you can deal with them bringing even more meaning into your lives.

There are many ways to help you to awaken your gifts, your talents, your inner psychic powers. You may want to chose one of them or even couple at once and imply in your daily schedule. Start with 10-15 minutes of scheduling an appointment with yourself. Soon you might enjoy your own company so much that it will be like scheduling an appointment with your best friend as that might be the way you will treat yourself after spending more quality time with yourself.

-It might be 10 minutes of breathing exercises where you breath in life force energy and breath out any tension you hold in your body. That will relax your body and mind, helping you to let go of any negativity and bring more positive qualities in your life. That also will develop your self-awareness and your body-awareness. That will give you the opportunity to listen to your body and consciously deal with any issue which might be brought out to surface. That also will cleanse yourself inside making the place for growing your inner qualities.
- It might be 10-15 minutes of meditation (please check out 'The benefit of meditation' and 'The different types of meditation' for some guidance).
- It might be a Reiki session/s with Reiki practitioner or on your own (please check out 'The benefit of Reiki' and 'Reiki Meditation') to help you to build up your self-awareness and find your inner abilities.


- It might be listening to some relaxation, guided meditation and visualization audio tapes to help you to relax and develop the trust in yourself. Choosing a tape depends on personal preference. Some techniques will be more appealing and easier for you to practice. To get the best results, use the tape daily for several weeks until you will feel that your body learned the 'relaxation response'. Eventually, you will be able to go into the relaxation state without the help of the tape. (please check out 'Chakra Balancing Meditation' - tape..)
- It might be a walk on the beach by the ocean where you will let all your tension go away and give the space for new things and new qualities to come to your life.
- It might be 10 minutes of chanting
- It might be some time every day of creating writing/drawing etc
- It might be yoga, Tai Chi, NIA classes etc
- It might be Self-awareness workshops or classes etc....
- .... find something you will truly enjoy and keep doing it!

There is no place for competition in spirituality. In those special times be with yourself or with a trusting group of people/friends. But...don't compare yourself to anyone as we all have our own talents and gifts. Not better or worse. They are just yours. So if your friend has a beautiful gift to see the aura of others - don't compare, don't make him/her your guru, don't put yourself down... Instead, develop your own gifts you can use to make your life richer and purposeful. And learn how to trust them, how to trust yourself and grow as a beautiful human being. Not human doing - but human being. So simply be and enjoy your being here on the planet Earth, right now - right here.

Be your own guru-teacher-healer-guide...The more you grow in yourself, the more you have to share with others. Start from few minutes of spending quality time with yourself. Soon you might start to really enjoy that time and the new experiences. Soon it will be the time to look forward to...time to expand...time to learn about yourself...time to bring new knowledge and wisdom in your life...time to create an even more beautiful life.

As many years ago Lao Tsu said....

If you open yourself to insight,
You are at one with insight
And you can use it completely.
Open yourself to heaven and earth,
Then trust your natural responses;
And everything will fall into place.