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Larisa Stow is a singer with very angelic voice as well as a yoga teacher. She lives with her family in Long Beach, CA. That is where she creates and shares with people her soul-searching music and her other talents. Larisa attended Mrs. Takata Reiki Training when she was only 12 years old. What she said is fascinating and give us more Light about Takata and her teaching. Larisa’s story is based on our emails and questions she was asked by me.

‘What I remember is filtered through the eyes of a twelve year old and there has been a great amount of time that has passed sense. So I am aware that what I share is my perspective and perhaps not the full picture.

Yes, I studied with Takata when I was a child (12 years old) in Salem Oregon. I did the class with Takata either in 79' or 80'. I don't remember the exact month. I know that I was in 7th or 8th grade. She was invited by the Unity church in Salem to teach Reiki. My father heard about her class and asked me if I would be interested in learning Reiki.. I was ecstatic. When I showed up for class on the first the day with my mother and my best friend who was 11 years old Takata looked at my friend and I and told us that we were too young to learn Reiki but then she hesitated and decided to scan us. She then told me that my energy was much more mature than my years and invited me to take the course with the rest of the adults. She told my friend that she wasn't ready and that it could harm her to take the class when her energetic system wasn't fully developed. I felt so honored to be there and soaked up all of her stories and initiation. It was incredibly inspiring. I shared Reiki with all my friends. It deepened my connection to the divine. I was at that point the youngest person she taught Reiki too (at least that's what I remember her saying).

I seem to remember that the class I took was the main class and that you could take one more class with her to go deeper if we wished. I remember wanting to but was at the mercy of my father. There was a full room of people. Maybe between 20-30? I don't think we could take notes. I didn't... and I seem to remember her wanting us to be present in the moment with her and to take it in from an energetic level.

As for the initiation process...I remember that we would go in individually with her and she had a ritual to open our channels. Once it was open she said that was would be open for life. I don't remember specifically what she did to open us...

I loved Takata! She was a bright, bright light! She had a lot of amazing amount for someone her age. I remember being in awe of her energy level. She was so inspiring with all of her stories of faith and her own story was probably the most inspiring.

I was blown away seven years later when walking through the Whole Life Expo with my now husband.. I saw a Reiki booth. I had no idea that it had become a thriving healing organization and that Takata was the inspiration. It amazes me to this day that Reiki is one of the most respected healing modalities. I see how it gives us permission and a structure to focus our healing energy and that's a beautiful thing’.

If you would like to listen to Larisa’s music, buy her new beautiful CD or attend her joyfully inspiring concerts and classes please visit her website or contact her:




When I attended Reiki Master Network gathering in Vancouver, BC, I met so many beautiful people who wanted to share healing with others. One of students of Takata-sensei, Anneli Twan, was invited to give talk and share her book with us during the meeting.

Anneli was trained with Mrs. Takata in 1979 when she was only 10 years old.
She then received the second level attunements and Reiki Master Training from her Mum,
Wanja Twan, who is one of the 5 Canadian Masters Takata-sensei trained. Anneli at that time was 16 years of age (Master Training) and right after that she started to teach Reiki Classes as her Mum was often ‘double booked’. They traveled a lot around the world teaching Reiki. She mentioned that once she was teaching the class where she felt so wonderful as people she was teaching didn’t ask questions, didn’t use their minds to understands unknown – simply were practicing Reiki.
She also said that Takata-sensei didn’t talk about spirituality during her classes – it was simply physical talk, body talk. She wanted to keep Reiki pure without mixing it with any other healing art.

Anneli has just published a small booklet called "Early Days of Reiki, Memories of Hawayo Takata" - very interesting book and this is a short description of Mrs. Takata by Wanja Twan’s sister ‘Takata told some interesting stories. The impression I had of her, was that she wasn’t
spaced out like everybody else seemed to be who was into healing and new age stuff.
That’s what I liked about her, she was business like. She taught Reiki as a normal job,it wasn’t some kind of twenty four hour soul searching thing, it was business, like a nine to five job.’

If you have any question for Anneli or her Mum please check their website at: