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'Quest For Love -

A Woman's Journey

Toward Empowerment'

 by Ula Moleda                                                             



A guide for personal development in a novel form, also e-book on 

& worlwide


Book Description: 

This is a beautiful, heart-touching story about a woman's quest for love, soul-searching and self-discovery. Maya's journey really starts from a black abyss she was thrown after an unexpected divorce. What she saw as the end of her life is yet, just a beginning to her adventure into unknown. Out of desperation, she leaves everything she knows in Poland and embarks on a long trip of recovery, in America. New life, new Love, new tools such as yoga and meditation seem like strong bricks she uses to build her new home again. But then, everything changes with her boyfriend sudden holiday in his home-country, India. She doesn't see any other way but to secretly follow him. Her world collapses again when she finds out his reason he run from the States. Will she be able to find inner peace and happiness again? Will she be able to trust another man and share her love and life with him? Her quest for love and spiritual truths takes her on the most difficult journey, the journey to love one's self.



I have read many good books on personal development, which - while filling my inside - also became external decorations in my house. When I received "Quest for Love", I thought that the title itself was very meaningful and significant; so, throughout the entire book, I remained in a state of curiosity and reflection, discovering myself again through the experiences of the main characters.

This book is a unique story of people who experience and taste life during their journey, looking for the best paths. It has been a long time since I read a narrative book with so many high and important thoughts, reflections and truths about life and people, written is a simple and accessible language. This was due to the narration and casual style surrounding the stories of the main characters, searching for love, happiness and fulfillment. The unique dialogues, which recall the Great Thinkers of this World, allow the readers to learn responsibility for their own lives - because they have a choice: remain in the current thinking mode or join the transformational process - but only of their own free will.

This book is for everyone who wants to know the direction of the world. By consciously observing the changes of contemporary mankind, I can honestly say that "Quest for Love" is a book, which announces the Age of Aquarius in a literary fashion, the book the world has been waiting for; because, after its lecture, the impossible becomes possible, the distant and opposite becomes close and a part of the Oneness.

Agnieszka Magdar, Neuroeducation Manager, Personal Development Coach, Founder of Kreo - Planet of Creative Education;


Wise and interesting. It makes you think. It raises the questions many women ask themselves in life. It leaves a mark in your memory. Definitely worth reading!

Ania Witowska, Founder of Female Point of View


A very absorbing book. I usually don't read books from a monitor, but this time I read the entire book in one weekend.

The described situations remind me somewhat of my own searches from years gone by. Back then, I was interested in various development trends. I read lot of psychological literature and studied the knowledge offered by various religious systems.

This book is kind of a journey, during which you continue to encounter interesting reflections and suggestions on how to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

This book is worth reading, even if only for more appreciation of what we have and achieve each day. Others are not so lucky, limited by cultural, financial or health issues.

It is worth reading to open our eyes to experiencing "actual reality" and turn our attention to the need of taking responsibility for our own lives. Otherwise, it will be done by others who will not necessarily have our best interests in mind.

Dariusz Skraskowski, author of the book

"Gra o ¯ycie" (Playing for Life)


I know India well, having spent a few months there each year for the past 7 years. I have travelled to so many places, studied and worked there too, spent time in the ashrams and lived the full, traditional life, while for staying weeks with Indian families and Indian friends (Hindis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslim)...For a full understanding of Indian culture, you need probably years and years; maybe one life is not even enough! But, Ula's book is really THE book you have to read before going to India. It has given me such great understanding of things that I didn't have even after 7 years: the Indian mind, the Indian way of thinking and approaching life, religions and mythology.....But, first of all, I should say that it's an amazing "teaching book" about life and how to go through some painful experiences... each and every one will recognize him/her-self some how, a very touching book!

Laurence BATT; Ayurvedic Therapist



Quest For Love - A Woman's Journey Toward Empowerment




You are the one responsible for your own happiness, she thought as she looked into the mirror at the end of the dark room. Its majesty was emphasized by its beautifully sculptured wooden frames. However, the reflection she saw wasn't beautiful.  It wasn't even pretty!

Happiness is a gift, which you offer to yourself. For the first time in weeks she laughed out loud. The conversation with the image in the mirror engaged her more and more. The words which once held great significance in her life sounded empty, almost painful, but she continued the dialogue with herself.

Happiness? Does anyone know what this word really means? What feelings do we try to force into it? Don't we cheat ourselves believing in it? Does this state exist? Or is it just another myth to appease the masses? Isn't our life driven by empty, meaningless words?

Emptiness was here like a gaping hole, an abyss into which she was willingly, gladly, slowly falling, forgetting about the reality of everyday life. One last glance into the mirror. She saw a thirty-something woman, who was looking at her with a gaze that did not see, with eyes drained of tears and a face deformed by pain. Her once-cheerful blue eyes no longer expressed emotion. They looked at her as if they didn't recognize their owner. As if they didn't want to recognize her. Her eyes were dying and taking her soul with them.

Discovering the truth about yourself and exposing yourself to the mirror of honesty is an act of courage, but it often involves pain. It's an act which despite its pain is beautiful in its truth. But. all in due time. Maya was not ready for the truth about herself just yet. She knew she would someday see it. Touch it. Feel it. Not yet. She knew that reality would someday obtrusively knock on her door and demand to be let in. To have her look in its face. She knew she would no longer be able to run or hide. But all this will take place sometime in the future. Not just yet.



"He left a mark in my head." For a while now, Maya was able to talk only about Tom. Her friend had listened attentively, pretending she was hearing it for the first time. "He was the drug for my tormented heart... for the death of my father, the departure of my mother. He was the one who helped me. He was the one here with me when I needed someone close. Yes, I had you and Peggy, but it just wasn't the same, Angela. I needed a man's shoulder. A man's support. Do you understand?"

She continued her monologue, not waiting for any signs of understanding from her friend.

"He didn't let me down then, so why did he let me down now? Why did he leave me? Whenever he needed me, I have always stood by him! I feel like Ariadne, when she helped Theseus! She gave him her thread and what did she get in return? He left her, forgot about her. She had to spend the rest of her days alone on some island! I don't want to end up like that! I don't want a life occupied by pain and despair. But I don't want to be alone, either. I'm not ready to live by myself!"

With tears in her eyes, Maya's hands were trembling as she tried to pour some water into the small glasses. She spilled it on the table. Angela stood up to get something to wipe it off, but was forced to sit back in the armchair by the impatient wave of her friend's hand.

"That's not important, Angela. Love is important, understand?! Have you ever loved someone so hard, that you would have offered them your whole life? He was my whole world. He was my air, my sun, my stars. He was my ray of joy on rainy days, my shot of hope during sad moments. He was my bastion, my reality, my dreams, my past and my future. I never imagined my life without him. I still can't. Or maybe he will come back? Maybe he will get bored living with that other woman? Maybe soon, he will knock on my door? I will be waiting. I would do anything for him, Angela. Anything. just to keep him with me. to save our relationship. to hear him tell me 'I love you, honey' just once more..."

The worst prison is an unconscious prison. A prison we don't even realize we're in, thought Angela, answering the thoughts in her head. "Maybe the most important days are those ahead? The moments that still awaiting us? The people we still have to meet? Maybe this is what's more important, and not the past? Maybe this problem needs something like Ariadne's thread," she said out loud to her emotionally trembling friend. "Maya, remember," she smiled, "remember that Ariadne ultimately married Dionysus."

"Angela, how can you say that?" Maya was outraged. "How can you even think that there will be anyone else whom I will be able to love as much as Tom? My life with Tom shaped me. I am who I am because I was with him! The knowledge, the experience. Everything! To me, the past is just as important as the future. Even more so!"

…"Panta Rhei, Maya... Panta Rhei" Angela interrupted her reflections with her famous saying, as she was growing slightly impatient. To her, this was the answer for everything happening in life, the best reflection of the diversity of the world, which we try to attribute with some sort of governing regulations, laws, allowing us to find a way to live safely and with purpose.

"I know, I know, everything flows. I know that everything changes. We do. The world around us does. But how do you listen to yourself in this chaos, Angela? How do you find your way out of a dead end? How do I do it?"

Angela observed Maya with empathy. She noticed her friend had undergone a slight change. This wasn't just an endless monologue of a victim, but a discussion, open to suggestions. She offered Maya a piece of chocolate cake, which is always able to soothe wounded hearts but saw her shake her head in refusal. She moved the cake closer.

"Accept it," she said. "Don't force yourself to retain the past. Don't try to keep the inescapable changes from happening…”