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                                         Little Acts

of Kindness

by Ula Moleda


I saw a little girl today. She was crying lying down on the yard in her kindergarten. Crying, shouting and fighting with unseen, she looked like a little wild animal trying to get out of its cage. She was wild, alone, ‘looked after’ a guard who was watching TV. I stood there for a long time trying to get some help. People were passing by, not even one person stood and tried to comfort the girl or even ask, what had happened.   

Years ago, I heard a story from Caroline Myss that has changed my perception on helping others. I used to think that a person has to have something ‘special’ to be a help for others, whether that was inner quality, time, energy or money…something big. However, the story about a guy who wanted to finish his lonely and unsatisfying life, gave me a different understanding of ‘little acts of kindness’, I would like to share with you today. 

This young man was going to commit suicide that day. He had enough of life of fight, sorrow and suffering. With the dark cloud around him, he was walking to a nearby bridge to take the issue in his own hands. He was passing the street when a car stopped giving him a way. He looked surprised at a person in the car who smiled to him, the smile I call ‘namaste smile’ – ‘divine in me recognizes divine in you’. He stood there for a long time and…went back to his apartment. His life has changed. That smile that was coming straight from the heart; smile that recognized in him a perfect, beautiful human being; smile that told him that he is not alone on this planet; smile that gave him loving and kind energy that went straight to his soul – that ‘namaste smile’ was a door he used to give himself ‘a second chance’.   

That powerful story made me think about new currency we all have, that is called ‘namaste smile’. All of us are walking rivers of that energy we can easily share with others. We all have the power to breathe in and breathe out the kindness.

That little act of kindness that comes from our heart can bring huge ball of light to a person who just received it. And, as anything in life, it works in two ways – the giver is also a receiver as the feeling of contentment and happiness is accruing during that exchange and, as a mystical truth goes ‘We are All One’.  

Many times I have been observing artists and beggars on the streets of busy cities all around the world. Often times, they sit there, unnoticed. Some people stop, listen to singers, and give some change. However, most people didn’t even look at the singers and beggars. We run from place to place with our noses in i-pods and mobile phones. 

One of a study, I read some time ago, showed that the reason we don’t stop and look at those people (who sing, beg, or paint) is not because we don’t have a ‘good heart’, it is not because we are not kind or don’t want to help others but because we are overwhelmed by the feeling of rushing from place to place and having too many things to do. But then, where do we really need to rush? Life is happening before our eyes, right here, right now…

Last couple of years ‘gave me a chance’ to experience dark side of humanity. Being in China, studying Asian history while working on my book (wars, genocides, destruction of minds, culture, nature and beauty, killing fields, hunger for power and control… – well, the history of the world, I should say) kicked me few times into dark spot, a very opposite place from the light. The worst thing, for me, was to loose faith in human beings. Painful and powerful experience. But, at those moments there was always someone who shared some light with me; some little act of kindness; some good examples that humanity has two sides and to see both of them and still keep the faith, love and kind heart for people is one of the most powerful spiritual lessons, as my partner would say.    

Friedrich Nietzsche said that, ‘kindness and love are the most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse’ and Dalai Lama told us that ‘his religion is kindnesses’. Psychologists also tell us that those real acts of kindness do change people in very unpredictable ways. They also can help to let go of hate, anger, bitterness and help connecting with others in more meaningful ways.  

There are big charity organizations in the world, rich people who share their abundance with others, healers who spread the light and powerful healing, many ‘Mother Theresa’ kind of people. I bow with love and respect to all of them. But I also bow with love and respect to people who don’t have much but they know that… opening the door to an older lady; giving the seat in the bus to a tired mother; smiling to a crying child; looking at the eyes of a lost boy; holding the hand of a lonely girl; saying ‘I love you’ to your partner and beloved ones; sending a ‘thank you’ note to your friend; sharing a kind word with someone…it can make someone’s day and give the light that might change that person’s life. 

With Love, Light and many thanks for the Blessings and Acts of Kindness You share with the World.