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        Healing your heart

     with your heart song 

       by Ula Moleda                                                                                 

               Light Heart                                                                   

As a human being, you might carry some sadness in your heart - not necessarily your own, but sadness for humanity, for the planet, for the wars and injustice, poverty and slavery. As a healer and helper, you might carry in your heart the sadness and pain of your clients and people you are helping or what you are seeing around you. And, of course, you might also carry some sadness from your own history, experiences, disappointments and expectations...

 We are like walking magnets - we attract not only joy and love from our surrounding but also pain, sadness and suffering. Small drops of sadness, unhealed, gather together in our hearts and sometimes create an overwhelming feeling of melancholy, unhappiness, pointlessness and powerlessness.

 There might be a time when you feel so overwhelmed with grief and sadness that you might call for someone to help – a friend, a healer, a doctor. There might be even a time when you see something or experience such cruelty that the energy of suffering you feel in your heart is so powerful that actually paralyses your whole body. There is suffering in life and people are the best creators of it - but also the best healers.

 We all know how powerful music can be. Music can be very healing too. Music can take you to places you have never been. Music can enable you to fly with joy and happiness, but it also can make you feel “blue”. When you listen to music you feel the vibration of notes in your body and, if the music touches you deeply, you will feel that in your soul 

Every organ in our body vibrates and every organ has a different tune that might be soothing and healing for it. That is one reason why listening to chakra balancing music can be very healing. Not only does every organ in our body vibrate but each has its own unique song 

 The heart song has been known to shamanic healers all over the world. People intuitively knew that music coming from our bodies can be a very transformative tool. Your own heart song can heal your own heart and cleanse the sadness, grief and anger. It’s a beautiful method that really helps to melt those obstacles and to feel the pure joy of living.

Vianna Stibal, who created a healing modality called ThetaHealing teaches that technique also. I won’t share the heart song from ThetaHealing but rather an intuitive, simple version that I experienced one day when my heart needed healing from the sadness of loved ones passing away.

So here I would like to share with you a simple way to heal your own heart with your own heart song. 

 First of all, find a quiet and peaceful spot where you can feel free to sing, undisturbed. Then make sure that your beliefs will let you heal your heart. Program yourself, if necessary, with new beliefs such as:

 ‘I know how to live a healthy and happy life’

‘I know how to live without pain’

 I know how to heal myself’  

 Sit quietly for a while, meditate, listen to yourself and connect with yourself and the Universe. Start with an intention of healing such as:

 I am healing myself with this heart song for the highest good’ 

 My heart song melts away the sadness – melancholy – anger - for the highest good’

 Connect with yourself, listen to your heart, become your heart and gently let your heart sing. Listen to your heart song and sing as long as you feel it’s needed. Sometimes it might take just a couple of minutes, sometimes much longer time. Take your time and give your heart the space to sing its own song. And when you finish you might want to send yourself love and blessings or maybe also some affirmations such as:

 I am healthy, I am happy, I am blessed 

 You might have to repeat this exercise few times or do it every time you feel that your heart needs some cleansing and healing. This healing method is not isolated to only the heart but may be used on any organ that is experiencing pain/sadness. 

 I also highly recommend that you look at the following techniques that you can learn yourself and use any time 

Vianna Stibal describes how ThetaHealing can transform your life through connecting with the Light/Source, realizing we are all part of one energy that moves through all things. 

Here it is an amazingly beautiful healing story about using the ThetaHealing method.

Very good interview with Louise Hay about another healing method called tapping - it's really simple and it's really working!

May you be healthy, happy and blessed!
with Love and Light