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by Ula Moleda

This is the subject that I love sharing. It's the subject of respecting each other. Respecting others as much as you would like to be respected by them. The pictures I have chosen represent many different paths we are taking every day in our life. Just imagine that we all are going to the top of those beautiful mountains. Imagine that this is our purpose. Our purpose is to get to that top and have this marvelous view from it. To have/to be knowledge and wisdom, love and friendship, light and devotion, ... you name it...

Can you see how many different paths are all over those mountains? Can you see how many different paths you can chose and you will still get to the top? Is there anything in you which says that your path is better than others? Is there anything which makes you feel less respect towards others during that journey? Yes - some of those paths as you can see are smoother, some are wider, some are very beautiful, some are crowded, foggy. There are also paths which feel very loving, full of kind gestures or lonely, full of obstacles and confusion.

Just spend few minutes and look at them all. Try not to analyze but rather use your gut and heart and Connect to the meaning of what you see and absorb. Check yourself and your attitude towards the choice/s of others paths. Different than yours. Different paths in life. Check whether because you do meditate every day you feel that you are a better person than your neighbor? Is your yoga practice or going to the temple make you a better person than someone who doesn't do it? Is talking lovingly to your children or parents or people on the street less spiritual than doing energy healing? Is driving a bus less spiritual than preaching in the church or teaching any healing art? Caroline Myss once said that a healing art is not better than an active kindness on the street such as a smile..

Sooner or later we will all get on the top and we will all see and admire the same magnificent view from the top of that mountain. Please respect each other and each others choices even if you don't understand them. Accept and respect. See as Socrates ages ago that the whole world is a school of virtue. We all need to go through certain lessons in life and learn what we came here for - let it be in love and light.