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by Ula Moleda

People who really love each other
Are the happiest people in the world
They love their children
And they love their families
They may have very little
But they are happy
- Mother Theresa

Each of our cell has got a brain. A very primitive thinking ability. This is an important point in your communication with unwell organ/s. Treat the organ which needs some healing, like a little child who you love very much and who now is a bit naughty. You do love that organ, that part of your body, like you love your child but you do need to talk to it and tell it what you want from it. How you want that organ to work, to bring you health and vitality. How you want that part, that organ to do the team work and work together to make whole and healthy you. Yet, your organ, like a little child, is saying something when is crying for attention, when is hurting. Listen to it quietly and try to get the message.

It seems that we might talk a bit differently to different organs. Every organ has got it's character. Some of them are much more wiser and less stubborn than the other. Use your intuition. While you speak to organs such as liver, stomach etc you might use clear, almost ordering and very definitive tone. Firmly but lovingly. However, your heart, eyes, bladder etc wouldn't listen to your orders. You will need to speak to them much more nicely, kindly, lovingly.

You do need to take the responsibility for your own healing, for staying healthy and youthful. So when you talk to certain unhealthy organ, do it seriously. Have the faith of really being able to communicate your desires to that organ, to that part of your body. You can communicate and talk to all your organs, muscles, memory, brain, sights, hormones, chakras etc We were created to work as a whole being and every cell in our body knows that. I am pretty sure that this is also what they want - to work together as a healthy and whole you. While talking to a certain organ you might try to get the feeling when this organ felt healthy and in balance. That will bring back the memory and help get back to that healthy state. Even thought it sounds very simple it really works.

Try the following exercise?

1 - Find for yourself few minutes during the day when you won't be disturb.
2 - Relax your body as much as you can -
Inhale, exhale for couple of minutes. Deeply and slowly.
You might also do a short Reiki treatment for yourself
Or listen to a relaxing music, guided relaxation etc.
3 - Imagine the unwell organ you do want to communicate with.
4 - Concentrate your attention on communicating with that organ.
5 - Put your hand/hands on the part of your body you are communicating with
and talk to it as you would talk to your loved child.
6 - Be clear, serious, definitive, firm, positive, present, kind, loving, attentive while having the conversation.
7 - Now, imagine the organ you were talking to, being healthy. Working in a healthy beautiful way.
8 - Reiki Practitioners might give Reiki to that unwell organ while taking to it. Loving energy is as great.
9 - Then you might also imagine yourself under the shower of a beautiful and very healing energy, or under the healing waterfall somewhere in mountains (use your intuition and imagination).
10 - Imagine that this healing water, energy is cleansing you outside, your whole body.
11 - Now, imagine that healing force entering yourself, cleansing every organ, every cell, every tissue inside your body. Let the negativity go down to the ground, to the Earth.
12 - Feel the positive and very healing force inside you. Feel the Light.
13 - Feel the beauty of all your organs, cells, tissues... working together in harmony and balance.
14 - Repeat that as many times as you need for at least 21-28 days.
15 - Enjoy and Stay Well!